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Electric car

Dr. Tilo Schweers, Head of Development, Alternative Drives, Borgward Group AG - Copyright Borgward Group AG

Guest commentary by Dr. Tilo Schweers

Borgward is working intensively on the electrification of the drive train and will present a purely electric SUV based on the BX2017 series for the European market at the upcoming IAA 7. The BX7 EV will offer competitive range and acceptable charging times. However, those are not the only advantages. As is typical of the brand, this model will also convince our customers with unrivaled space in this class, a high level of comfort, the best possible security, modern online infotainment and German design. This is the guiding principle of ... Continue readingGuest commentary by Dr. Tilo Schweers

Production sites for electric and hybrid cars in Germany

In international comparison, Germany is still a high-quality location for automobile production. The “Made in Germany” quality feature is one reason for the relatively stable production sites. A good 20 different car series roll off the assembly line at more than 50 locations. It is produced in Germany by the car manufacturers Mercedes, VW, Porsche, Opel, Ford and Audi. We take a look at the locations for electric and hybrid vehicles. The German automobile production sites are spread from Emden in the north to Munich in ... Continue readingProduction sites for electric and hybrid cars in Germany

Lofoten archipelago - Copyright: Iakov Kalinin @

Electric trendsetter Norway at a glance

Norway is independent of the automobile manufacturers. For this reason, Norway can decide relatively freely about alternative forms of propulsion and promote their implementation accordingly. We have put together an overview of the most important provisions from the transport plan and the funding opportunities. Norwegian Transport Plan 2018–2029 (summary) • By the time Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) take over the market, mainly plug-in hybrids should be sold - they should be able to fill up with bio-petrol. • From 2025, all new light vehicles, as well as ... Continue readingElectric trendsetter Norway at a glance

E-mobility start button - Copyright - Style-Photography @

Moteg - startup with a focus on electromobility

The young start-up company Moteg from Flensburg has only been on the market for two years. It was able to establish itself in the trend industry of e-mobility in a short time, because founder Dr. As a former development manager for electric motors at Danfoss, Siegfried Götz is no novice. With professional experience and extensive knowledge in the field of electromobility with him, he founded his own engineering office Moteg. The construction of a production site for electric motors in the region is planned for this year. Hereinafter… Continue readingMoteg - startup with a focus on electromobility

Trade fair logo new energy 2017

New Energy Husum 2017 - experience electromobility

Husum | Vehicles with alternative drive options have long ceased to be the invention of science fiction films. But so far the consumer has shied away from the high costs and short range of electric cars, even though the industry as a whole has perceived an interest in the consumer. In the meantime, leading manufacturers have also recognized that the internal combustion engine in its current form may soon become obsolete. The trend points to a new age of locomotion, because the technology of e-mobility is advancing with giant strides ... Continue readingNew Energy Husum 2017 - experience electromobility

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