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Electric car

Twingo Electric 2021 - Copyright Renault

Renault Twingo Electric - Equipment and Prices

The Renault Twingo Electric was previously only available as a special Vibes model. Now Renault has announced the prices and trim levels. As with the Zoe, the equipment variants can be ordered in the three stages Life, Zen and Intens as well as the special Vibes model. The new price list now also provides information on all equipment options.

e.GO Life NEXT - Copyright Next.e.GO Mobile SE

e.GO Life NEXT is to be produced from June 2021

After the roller coaster ride of e.GO Mobile in recent years, things did not look good in connection with the corona pandemic and the insolvency in self-administration that opened at the beginning of July 2020. The company e.GO Mobilie, founded and managed by Streetscooter inventor Günther Schuh, was then able to reposition itself with a new majority shareholder. Now, after the conclusion of a new round of financing, the restart in production is to start in June 2021.

Min Cooper SE winter test 2021

Mini Cooper SE winter test 2021

There are probably only a select number of cars that give the driver a hint of traditional values ​​and the future in an instant after entering the car. The electric Mini Cooper bravely defends its design language, which has been cultivated for decades, and leads its clientele to emission-free driving times. In our winter test, we tested the SE under cool conditions in the real north and learned some interesting details.

Volkswagen ID.4 - Copyright Volkswagen

Volkswagen ID.4 - driving fun through chassis technology

In 2017, Volkswagen presented the ID.Crozz SUV as a concept vehicle. According to the brand management board Ulbrich, the ID.4 is to become a global SUV project: "A real world car that we will produce and sell not only in Europe, but also in China and the USA." ID.4 is to come onto the market as a carbon-neutral vehicle.

Symbol electric motor - Copyright fotomek @ Adobe Stock

Electric motors in automotive engineering

The basic principle of an electric motor is easy to explain: It converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The basis for the motor is the magnetism phenomenon. The basic principle is the attraction of different poles and the repulsion of the same poles. A non-magnetically charged particle can be magnetized with electricity.

Lennart Hinrichs (Commercial Director of TWAICE Technologies GmbH) - Copyright Twaice

Digital twin reflects the battery status of used e-cars

The condition of the battery in used e-cars is crucial for a reliable used car purchase. So far, mileage and durable thermal management for the battery were mainly criteria for used electric cars. The Munich start-up Twaice is campaigning for more transparency in the evaluation of used batteries. In a short interview with Lennart Hinrichs (Commercial Director of TWAICE Technologies GmbH) we take a look at the projects for evaluating used batteries.

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