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E-Up! Dates - model year 2020

Volkswagen is with the e-up! on the move with the zeitgeist: trendy, two-tone paintwork such as “teal blue” with a black roof or red with a white roof give it a high recognition value. The interior is also painted in the same color throughout - a good approach in the fight against the trend of viewing it as a purely commercial vehicle. In terms of price, the city car, equipped with a 60 kW (82 PS) electric motor and a 32,3 kWh battery, starts at a list price of 23.000 euros.

Citroen Ami - Copyright Citroen

Citroën Ami - Against all odds

No model, no SUV, no waste of space ... just a simple urban electric vehicle. At first glance, the new American looks like the little retro speedster from the 50s, a Heinkel cabin scooter on four wheels. At second glance, the reduction to a covered mobility solution turns out to be a clever move. With an electric range of up to 70 km and a top speed of 45 km / h, it is the urban deceleration. Any 16-year-old with an AM driver's license can drive the vehicle.

The new Fiat 500 - Copyright Fiat

Fiat 500 - The legend is flowing

The year 2020 will usher in a whole new era. The small and compact Fiat 500 will open up to a whole new audience as a retro Stromer in the second half of the year. The 500 has enjoyed a growing fan base in recent years. Only a few months will pass before the start of the emission-free future. The Fiat 500 will continue to accompany us as an unmistakable electric retro speedster in the years to come.

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