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Electric motor

Symbol electric motor - Copyright fotomek @ Adobe Stock

Electric motors in automotive engineering

The basic principle of an electric motor is easy to explain: It converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The basis for the motor is the magnetism phenomenon. The basic principle is the attraction of different poles and the repulsion of the same poles. A non-magnetically charged particle can be magnetized with electricity.

I p!

E-Up! Dates - model year 2020

Volkswagen is with the e-up! on the move with the zeitgeist: trendy, two-tone paintwork such as “teal blue” with a black roof or red with a white roof give it a high recognition value. The interior is also painted in the same color throughout - a good approach in the fight against the trend of viewing it as a purely commercial vehicle. In terms of price, the city car, equipped with a 60 kW (82 PS) electric motor and a 32,3 kWh battery, starts at a list price of 23.000 euros.

The Volvo XC40 gets a fully electric offshoot - Copyright Volvo Cars

Volvo XC40 as an electric car celebrates its premiere in October

The all-electric version of the Volvo XC40 will be presented in October. The Swedish automobile manufacturer is presenting its first all-electric car based on the compact premium SUV. Volvo promises to put one of the safest cars on the road through appropriate measures.

Electric car at the solar charging station © Petair /

Solar roofs are an important reason to buy an electric car

What are the reasons for buying an electric car? In a study result of the new end customer monitor from EuPD Research, the most important reasons for the purchase of an electric car are presented. The main reasons from the study from the EUPD's point of view are summarized below.

Aspark Owl IAA 2017

Review of the IAA 2017 - curtain up for the electric concept cars

A look back at the IAA 2017 is enough for a moment to recall the vehicle concepts of the time. A limited selection of the groundbreaking electric cars was presented two years ago. Back then, BMW was able to score a lot, as the more powerful BMW i2s model was also presented alongside the established i3.

Bosch takes over electric motor manufacturer EM-motive - Photo: Bosch

Bosch - system solutions for electromobility

For the manufacturer Bosch, the future lies in electromobility. The trend towards electrification of the powertrain enables Bosch to conquer the heart of the automotive industry. With the previously presented eAxle axle drive system, the transmission, e-machine and power electronics are combined in one housing. By reducing the number of connectors, cables, seals and bearings in production, the drive train becomes cheaper and more efficient. The system can be scaled to the requirements of the vehicle manufacturer.

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