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Nikola Symbol - Copyright Wirestock @ AdobeStock

Presentation of the Nikola Tre FCEV in Hanover

As early as September 2021, the plant for the battery-electric Nikola TRE BEV and the fuel cell-powered Nikola TRE FCEV to follow was officially opened in Ulm. The first vehicles from the joint venture between Nikola and IVECO have now been produced. The logistics company Total Transportation Services, which last year signed a letter of intent for a total of 100 BEV and FCEV trucks, has already launched the first models in the USA. In Europe, the first BEV trucks are delivered to the Port of Hamburg. The European model is manufactured by Iveco in Ulm. We're going to take a look back at the last exciting few months.

eVito panel van - Copyright Mercedes Benz

Range updates for the eVito panel van

which drives the front wheels with a peak power of 85 kW. The Mercedes Benz eVito panel van is equipped with a water-cooled AC on-board charger (OBL) with a charging power of max. 11 kW.

Mercedes eSprinter Roadshow Hamburg

Mercedes-Benz eSprinter - Emission-free deliveries in the city

One of the most popular delivery vans in Germany has a purely electric counterpart by its side - the eSprinter. Mercedes-Benz's commercial customers will in future be able to choose between the conventional combustion engine and the emission-free electric motor for the Sprinter. With the first generation of the eSprinter, the investment costs for the operational infrastructure are a decisive cost factor in addition to the purchase price. An app that will be available in spring 2020 is intended to bring more transparency to investment decisions. A closer look at the basic electrical concept helps ... Continue reading "Mercedes-Benz eSprinter - Emission-free deliveries in the city

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