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History of the automobile - © Mayer -

The history of the electric motor as an automobile drive

The history of the electric motor does not begin in the technologically advanced modern age: the first electric vehicle was presented to the public as early as 1881. Gustave Trouvé equipped his “Trouvé Tricycle” - a three-wheeled, electrically powered vehicle - with 2 electric motors, which obtained their energy from 6 lead-acid batteries. The vehicle reached a top speed of 12 km / h.

The triumphant advance of the petrol stations

Automobile construction in Germany is closely related to the inventor Carl Benz, who filed a patent for the first car with a combustion engine in 1885. Three years later, on August 5, 1888, his wife Bertha Benz bought the entire supply of ligroin (benzine) from the local pharmacy in Wiesloch in order to continue her journey towards Pforzheim. Even today, a monument on site commemorates this historic moment for petrol stations.

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