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Disruption in the European car market in 2021

The press releases of the automobile manufacturers and the statements of the board members in the last few weeks
let the automotive year 2021 appear as a year marked by upheavals. Tesla's new production site in Grünheide in Germany or the massive problems of the automotive supplier industry in Europe due to the COVID pandemic are visible signs of some disruptive changes. The demands on mobility in the 21st century call for new concepts that are already noticeable on the market.

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Navigation systems in the car

Integrated navigation systems in the car are often not included in the basic model of a vehicle, but usually have to be ordered additionally at an additional cost. In addition, they are often significantly more expensive than mobile navigation devices or even apps on smartphones; however, they can often score points with significantly more performance and additional functions. We explain what characterizes good navigation software in the car. GPS and sensors Mobile navigation devices are only supported by the Global Positioning System (GPS), integrated navigation systems, on the other hand, are equipped with numerous sensors ... Continue reading "Navigation systems in the car

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