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Mazda 3 Skyactiv-X 2.0 mild hybrid

Mazda 3 Skyactiv X 2.0 M Hybrid - more zoom?

A few years ago, “zoom” was the keyword in advertising for the new Mazda models. Nobody could define exactly what was behind this play on words, but phonetically it was a direct hit. Now it also has a very individual technical counterpart, which means the individual engine concept that Mazda has been using since last year. The sports car is equipped with the 2.0 Skyactiv-X engine, which has an output of 132 kW / 180 hp and a maximum torque of 224 Newton meters. The manual six-speed gearbox takes you to the test track.

Fiat 500C Dolce Vita

Fiat 500C DolceVita - The retro speedster

The year 2020 will usher in a whole new era. The small and compact Fiat 500 will open up to a whole new audience as a retro Stromer in the second half of the year. The 500 has enjoyed a growing fan base over the past few years and, according to initial estimates, up to 80.000 units of the current version should be produced in the beginning of the year. We are testing the current summer model Fiat 500C Dolcevita until the start of the emission-free future. The special model for the 60th anniversary is available for the 500 and 500C.

Six cylinder icon image - © kidcanevil -

Farewell to the six-cylinder?

“There is no substitute for displacement. Except ... through even more displacement! ”Has been an often-quoted saying in the traditional car scene in recent years. And if you have observed the developments over the past decades, the manufacturers have so far adapted the displacements and the number of cylinders to the zeitgeist. The six-cylinder was the most common engine from the luxury class onwards, for example in the BMW 520 or Mercedes E 230 or E 280.

Ford Mondeo Hybrid - Copyright green car magazine

Ford Mondeo Hybrid

Ford combines the classically elegant Mondeo notchback coupé with a full hybrid drive - technically a symbiosis of engines with a maximum system output of 140 kW (187 hp) and a continuously variable CVT automatic transmission, coupled with the tried and tested smooth roadholding and comfortable equipment. The sister model Fusion has been available in the USA since the first generation since April 2009 and Ford is an important supplier of hybrid cars in the home market. Technical details The Mondeo Hybrid is powered by a 2.0 L naturally aspirated engine with 140 ... Continue reading "Ford Mondeo Hybrid

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