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hybrid car

Borgward Isabella Concept - Copyright Borgward

Borgward brand in the sales crisis

  • April 7, 20227 April 2022

According to the statistics portal Carsalesbase, which refers to figures from the CAAM association, the Borgward brand, which is owned by the driving service provider Ucar, was only able to sell a few units of the BX2021, BX7 and BX5 models in 6. Borgward thus achieves a minus of over 80 percent compared to the previous year. With a market share of 0,02 percent, the brand has practically disappeared from the market. In the very dynamic market in China after the Corona crisis, Borgward is a conceivable takeover candidate by one of the global high-tech brands in China. We take a look back at the last few years in Germany.

Climate sensors in the car - Copyright Syda Productions @

Sensors - the many senses of a car

  • December 10, 202110 December 2021, XNUMX

As in the human body, there are organs in a motor vehicle that are necessary for perceiving the environment or one's own “body”. While people have to be satisfied with their eyes, ears, skin, nose and mouth, a vehicle can access countless sensors that are necessary for its function.

Lexus UX 250h - Copyright Lexus

Lexus UX 250h Launch Edition in the test

  • July 6, 20205July 2020, XNUMX

In 2020, Toyota will continue to focus on full hybrid drive concepts in the luxury class with the Lexus brand. The massive diabolo radiator grille has now become a clear trademark in the luxury segment. The UX 250h is floating on the general wave of success of the SUV movement in recent years. The choice of engines is limited to the variants with a 126 kW / 171 PS petrol engine and the hybrid variant tested by us with a system output of 136 kW / 184 PS. With the hybrid model ... Continue reading "Lexus UX 250h Launch Edition in the test

Six cylinder icon image - © kidcanevil -

Farewell to the six-cylinder?

  • May 26, 202025May 2020, XNUMX

“There is no substitute for displacement. Except ... through even more displacement! ”Has been an often-quoted saying in the traditional car scene in recent years. And if you have observed the developments over the past decades, the manufacturers have so far adapted the displacements and the number of cylinders to the zeitgeist. The six-cylinder was the most common engine from the luxury class onwards, for example in the BMW 520 or Mercedes E 230 or E 280.

Lexus ES 300h 2020 review

Lexus ES 300h - the luxury sedan

  • March 25, 202024March 2020, XNUMX

Toyota continues to set its own accents in the luxury class of automobiles with the luxury brand Lexus. With a distinctive design, the automobile manufacturer underscores the claim to tread a separate path in the luxury segment. In addition to the SUV as a panacea for the mobile society with high market shares in the high-end segment, sedans will continue to be used as is the case with the competition. With the Lexus ES 300h, you have the choice between the new turbo gasoline engines and the hybrid gasoline engine we tested with 178 hp combined with an electric motor with 120 hp - this results in a total system output of 218 hp (160 kW).

Inga Ehret, press spokeswoman for Mobility Solutions at Robert Bosch GmbH - Copyright Bosch

Interview - The eAxle electronic axle drive system from Bosch

  • 10. August 2017

The Bosch Group is an international technology and service company with, according to its own information, 390.000 employees worldwide and, according to preliminary figures, achieved sales of 73,1 billion euros in fiscal year 2016. The Mobility Solutions division is a division that acts as a solution provider in cooperation with developed new system solutions for automobile manufacturers. In a short interview with Inga Ehret, press spokeswoman for Mobility Solutions at Robert Bosch GmbH, we take a look at new developments in the field of electromobility. gcm: ... Continue reading "Interview - The eAxle electronic axle drive system from Bosch

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