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Renault Caviar Motel Study - Copyright Renault

E-camper Renault Caviar Motel - Premiere at the IAA

After the Hippie Caviar Hotel 2021 study, Renault is bringing out another camping version at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2022 for hobby campers and sports fans as a show car. The Hippie Caviar Motel based on the Kangoo Rapid E-Tech Electric is the more compact version of the hotel and is a mobile companion for all outdoor sports activities and outdoor experiences.

Kangoo Rapid E-TECH 100% Electric -Copyright Renault

Kangoo Rapid E-TECH with a larger battery from 2022

Renault is launching an important technical update with the Kangoo Rapid E-TECH 100% Electric in spring 2022. The new edition is equipped with a larger 45 kWh lithium-ion battery and a 90 kW electric motor. A more efficient charging connection has been redesigned, the battery of the Kangoo Rapid E-TECH 100% can now also be charged with direct current of up to 75 kW. The production site is still the French site in Maubeuge.

The electric van - Renault Kangoo ZE

With the Kangoo ZE, Renault is targeting a new target group for electric cars. It is a simply constructed 2-seater; Can be used as a small transporter for tradespeople in local transport. What seems good from the idea reveals some surprises in everyday life. The outer shape of the kangoo is simple and functional. Form follows function. The first appearance reveals the real application possibilities of the Kangoo ZE: a car that simply has to transport loads over short distances. Behind the two front seats is ... Continue reading "The electric van - Renault Kangoo ZE

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