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Charging station out of order

Discounters stop free charging stations

In recent years, discounters have attracted drivers of electric vehicles to their stores with free charging options. The basic idea was to offer these customers a lucrative way to charge their electric car while they were shopping. This should increase the reputation of the discounters in the competition.

Mustang Mach E - State of charge and decoupling switch in one unit

Charging stations for e-cars: How to find a charging station at any time

Advertisement - The electric car is an ingenious invention, especially since it is powered by at least one electric motor instead of running on fuel. The big plus of this innovative driving technique is obvious - there is no environmental pollution from the exhaust gases from the combustion process and the air should also be better when using e-cars. However, there are more gas stations than charging stations for the batteries of the e-cars, which is why the search for a charging station can be quite complicated in the beginning. So here are a few suggestions on how you can find a charging station at any time. This is important, because on average one charge is just enough for 150 to 500 kilometers.

fast E charging station

Overview of charging station apps

The smartphone as a constant companion in all situations is now part of everyday life. Using the smartphone as a navigation device or aid in the car, however, was for drivers of electric cars
Certainly not a big issue so far, as you can use your built-in navigation system to display available charging stations on a map. But some built-in navigation devices
do not offer the desired information with regard to the charging infrastructure.

Press photo Aral - Moritz

Refuel at Aral

In Bochum, Aral put the first two ultra-fast charging stations on Castroper Hellweg into operation on March 27, 2019. According to its own information, Aral is thus starting the provision of fast charging connections on its own and starting operations autonomously, from building the charging infrastructure to billing.

Contact person Dietmar Hirsch / Project Manager Sales Energy Services / Copyright Stadtwerke Neumünster

Tips for connecting a wallbox

The connection of a wallbox in the carport or garage is an important step for fast and safe charging of your own electric car. The wallbox makes you independent of external service providers and guarantees quick charging according to your own ideas. At green car magazine, in a dialogue with the Neumünster municipal utility, we focused on the essential criteria for an individual charging connection. In a short interview, the information is summarized in compact form and an outlook on regional expansion ... Continue reading "Tips for connecting a wallbox

Electric car is being charged - Copyright Bild elektronik-zeit @

Charge the battery depending on the type of charging cable and plug type

How fast can the battery in the electric car or plug-in hybrid be charged? We have compiled an overview of the connector types and charging options here: Mode 3 charging cable The Mode 3 charging cable is required to connect the (public) charging station to the electric car. The standard plug at charging stations in Europe is the type 2 plug. So that electric cars with a type 1 connection can also be charged at the charging station, there is a mode 3 charging cable with various connections, e.g. B. Type 1 to Type 2 are used. The charging capacities can be ... Continue reading "Charge the battery depending on the type of charging cable and plug type

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