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Auto Abo 2023: You need to know that

In principle, it can be said that a car subscription is a model in which you pay an amount in order to be able to drive the provider's car and to be able to exchange it on a monthly basis. Basically, a car subscription is a kind of flat rate for a car and is therefore quite flexible and simple.

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Green mobility from companies to staff promotes employee loyalty

Professor Benjamin Wall studied at Yale University and the London School of Economics. According to his own statements, he has lived in the greater Zurich area for 30 years, where he has worked as a management consultant and lecturer in business studies. He is currently teaching at the Zurich School of Economics. As part of an independently conducted study as part of the company's own research, the effects of sustainable mobility offers by companies on staff were examined. The mobility offer is a conceivable ... Continue reading "Green mobility from companies to staff promotes employee loyalty

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