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e.GO Life in front of the Factory Store - Copyright e.GO Mobile AG

The e.GO Life in the shopping cart

In 2020 the AUTO1 Group will offer the Citystromer e.GO Life as a new vehicle on its platform. The online B2B marketplace is best known as a trading platform for used cars. In the future, the entry-level model will probably also be used for marketing new cars.

e.GO Life Concept Sport - Copyright e.GO Mobile AG

e.Go Life Concept Sport - World premiere in Geneva

In addition to the basic model e.Go Life, e.GO Mobile AG will in future be focusing on a sports variant with a sports chassis and higher performance. The sportier model celebrates its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show. This is obviously also intended to address a new target group who rely on a dynamic driving style. The goal is clearly defined, with the sports suspension and more power, a larger field of drivers should be addressed. "The e.GO Life Concept Sport stands for the fun factor of the dynamic electric ... Continue reading "e.Go Life Concept Sport - World premiere in Geneva

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