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Solid state battery - Copyright AddMeshCube -

Who will win the solid-state battery race?

Numerous manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive industry are engaged in an exciting race to determine the future of battery technology. One of the most interesting developments that will be ready for series production before 2030 is the solid-state battery.

Lithium - Copyright OlekStock -

What's wrong with lithium in the extinct volcanic crater McDermitt Caldera?

There are currently various reports circulating about an extinct volcanic crater on the border of the US states of Nevada and Oregon, which apparently contains the world's largest lithium deposit. Current estimates range from 20 to 40 tons of lithium, although even higher amounts may be possible. Does this discovery solve the problem of lithium supply for electric cars?

Lithium deposits in the Salar de Uyuni salt lake - © iferol -

Lithium - special metal for the electric car

The electric car is already being sold as a climate saver and environmental car. With the current mix of electricity, the industry association BDEW has determined that an electric car produces 60 percent less CO2 when driving than a conventional car. When using pure green electricity, the environmental balance is even better. If you consider the pure energy consumption per 100 kilometers driven, the electric motor with its much better efficiency also performs better. From this point of view, a swift switch to the electric car is currently being proclaimed by the environmental associations.

View of the battery of the body of an electric car. Copyright Patrick P. Palej @

The drive battery in the electric car

The most important and most criticized component in the electric car is - apart from the engine - the drive battery. In the real sense, however, the drive battery is not a battery, but rather a rechargeable battery in the physical sense because of its chargeability. In electric cars, several of these batteries are interconnected to form a traction battery. Compared to conventional batteries, this has a higher capacity, which is achieved by many battery cells connected in series. Most electric vehicles today use lithium-ion batteries: They provide ... Continue readingThe drive battery in the electric car

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