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Generation Z symbol - © Sergey Nivens -

Generation Z mobility

Generation Z is the generation that was born between 1995 and 2010. As digital natives, they grew up with digital technologies and their status symbol is the smartphone with all information channels that are immediately available. A whole kaleidoscope of names for the children of the turn of the millennium grows out of this environment; they are called founders, selfie generation, post-millennials or generation edge.

Mobility Trends 2021 - Copyright © Dusko -

Mobility trends 2021

A representative survey commissioned by Bosch, carried out in June 2020 by the market research institute INNOFACT, provides interesting details about the current and future car market in Europe. More than 2500 respondents from Germany, France, Italy and Great Britain took part in the survey.

Wacky symbol - © daliu -

Wacky - the book tip

After the Covid-19 pandemic, society's reluctance to move around is a thing of the past. Society is now starting its everyday hectic on the streets again with motorized vehicles of all types of fuel and drive technologies.

E-mobility board member Thomas Ulbrich. Germany - Copyright VW

Volkswagen is planning 36.000 charging stations

After restructuring in the last two years, Volkswagen is planning a clearly noticeable expansion of the charging infrastructure on the way to electromobility in the next few years. In addition to increasing the number of electric cars available in the future, the declared goal is to make the number of charging points in public spaces more transparent for all users.

View of the battery of the body of an electric car. Copyright Patrick P. Palej @

E-mobility - funding for companies in North Rhine-Westphalia

The Ministry of Economic Affairs in North Rhine-Westphalia has launched a new funding program for companies. According to this, companies based in North Rhine-Westphalia can receive a subsidy of 4 euros from the state for the purchase of an electric car as part of the “Low Emission Mobility” program from February 2019, 4.000 - in addition to the federal environmental bonus (also 4.000 euros). A subsidy of 2,3 euros is granted for the purchase of e-commercial vehicles from 7,5 to 8.000 tons. Anyone who buys an e-transporter up to 4,25 tons can together ... Continue readingE-mobility - funding for companies in North Rhine-Westphalia

Smartphone app symbol - Copyright olly @

Mobility apps 2018 - Here WeGo and Moovit

Moovit Moovit is a mobility app that specializes in local public transport. The app has been known for several years and, according to its own information, has more than 100 million users in over 1.800 cities. In Germany, 13 major cities (including Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Dortmund) are now supported - more are to follow according to the app operator. The special thing about Moovit is the live navigation with exit notification for public transport: During the journey, the app accompanies the user in ... Continue readingMobility apps 2018 - Here WeGo and Moovit

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