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Mobility app

Generation Z symbol - © Sergey Nivens -

Generation Z mobility

Generation Z is the generation that was born between 1995 and 2010. As digital natives, they grew up with digital technologies and their status symbol is the smartphone with all information channels that are immediately available. A whole kaleidoscope of names for the children of the turn of the millennium grows out of this environment; they are called founders, selfie generation, post-millennials or generation edge.

Reduce CO2 emissions in mobility with a mobility budget - Copyright BGStock72 -

Reduce CO2 emissions in mobility with a mobility budget

Ad – Almost 30% of the EU's total emissions are caused by transport (European Environment Agency, 2019). In order to achieve the climate targets set by 2030, greenhouse gas emissions in the mobility sector must be halved. The resulting increasing price pressure for CO2 emissions requires a rethink. Companies in particular can make an enormous contribution through the mobility of their employees.  

Mobility apps in the everyday test - Image source: @

moovel - mobility app

If you want to leave your own car at home for a change, there are a number of options for mobility. But what is the best way to get the information you want? moovel is a mobility app that can be used to call up information on local public transport throughout Europe and to book and pay for it. The booking and payment system applies to car sharing vehicles from the provider car2go, to taxis from the provider mytaxi and tickets for the public ... Continue reading "moovel - mobility app

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