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PLEV Trends 2021 - Copyright © YuliyaKirayonak -

PLEV - Trends 2021

The popular e-scooters have been an indispensable part of the road since 2019. Numerous new vehicles with electric drive have appeared in the last few years, they do not produce any exhaust gases and can be stowed away to save space. The futuristic design also makes the compact devices attractive to prospective buyers. But be careful, there are also some rules that must be followed. We will explain the requirements and arrangements to you and introduce you to a few different versions of the electric scooter.

E-scooter driver- Copyright © Zoran Zeremski -

"Taking a hand off the handlebars to show the direction of travel creates instability."

E-scooters are increasingly part of the streetscape in cities. In the accidents with small electric vehicles recorded by the police, there were 2020 accidents with injuries and deaths in the period from January to September 1.570. In accidents with e-scooters, there were 1096 slightly injured and 269 seriously injured in the first nine months of last year. Seven people have been killed. We spoke about the first findings from this press release from the Federal Statistical Office in a short interview with Siegfried Brockmann, Head of Accident Research at Insurers (UDV).

Escooter - Copyright Fxquadro @ Adobe stock com

Kickoff - EScooters get street legal

The players in e-scooters fought a long battle for approval in road traffic for an approval directive within the EU. The goal was to establish the foldable scooter in road traffic, be it for the direct route to work in the city or the last mile, for example from the train station to home. The approval ordinance for small electric vehicles (PLEV) such as EScooter was published by the Federal Ministry of Transport according to a press release from Walberg Urban Electrics GmbH. The… Continue readingKickoff - EScooters get street legal

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