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Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid - Copyright Toyota

Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid with solar roof in the test

For Toyota, one focus in Europe is the sale of full hybrid cars. The range of plug-in hybrid models is also being expanded due to the funding backdrops. The Toyota Prius Plug-In Solar presents itself with a solar surface on the roof for additional charging of the battery.

Toyota Prius - image source Toyoto

Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid

The second generation of the Prius plug-in takes the company a further step in the direction of reducing CO2 fleet emissions. In the further development of the Prius, Toyota took into account change requests from customers who were able to gain experience with the first generation of the Prius plug-in. The fourth generation - for the first time with a solar roof The new Prius combines two technical world premieres: A solar roof to extend the range has been developed, as has a heat pump that air-conditioners the passenger compartment before starting the journey. The… Continue readingToyota Prius plug-in hybrid

Lots of space for family and leisure

Toyota Prius +

Toyota is one of the first manufacturers to consistently rely on hybrid drives. With over 9 million customers who have used the drive so far, the manufacturer has a large and loyal customer potential. The revised energy-saving drive concept is intended to attract even more customers. There are now over 30 car models with hybrid drives in the Toyota range. Time to test the redesigned seven-seater MPV. The technical innovations Toyota uses a larger lithium-ion battery in the new model ... Continue readingToyota Prius +

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