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Fisker Ocean - Copyright Fisker

Will Henrik Fisker make the comeback with the Ocean in 2022?

Henrik Fisker's designs have been legendary in the automotive industry for decades. As a designer, he made himself immortal with the designs for the BMW Roadster Z8 at Ford for the Aston Martin DB9. Henrik Fisker was then promoted to design director at Ford. The break in his career only came in the legal dispute with Tesla over alleged industrial espionage. After that he started his own car company. After several attempts in recent years, the big breakthrough could come in Barcelona this year.

Lidar System Symbolbild - Copyright © temp-64GTX -

Bosch Lidar complements radar and cameras in autonomous driving

Automated driving will become even safer in the future. In addition to the previously installed camera and radar systems, this requires the use of distance measurements with the precision of a laser system. Bosch is planning to start series development of the first automotive-compatible lidar (light detection and ranging). A laser-based distance meter supports driving functions according to SAE levels 3 to 5, in which the vehicle takes over the functions of the driver.

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