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<< The intelligent and individually controllable LED pixels enable the adaptive, glare-free high beam. >>

According to the manufacturer, the "world headlight" from Hella is used by a global premium manufacturer. The SSL 100 light module replaces up to twelve technically different headlight types that had to be developed and manufactured beforehand. A software control can activate each pixel of the LED headlights individually and enables the light distribution to be adapted to the respective regional regulations. This means that the identical headlight can optimally illuminate a traffic roundabout in right-hand or left-hand traffic, for example.

Headlight systems in comparison - Copyright Shutter81 @

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Especially in the dark season - but also on every other day of the year - they are one of the most important safety-relevant vehicle parts: headlights. They are available in various designs and, if a well-known manufacturer has their way, they will soon also be available with projection technology. The classic headlights of a motor vehicle are halogen headlights. They have a good price-performance ratio, but compared to other lights only moderately good illumination on the street. Halogen lamps are divided into classes: H1, H3, ... Continue readingAll lights on: headlight systems

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