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Sono Motors plans to start deliveries in 2023 for new orders - battery update

At Sono Motors, the start of deliveries for new orders will not begin until 2023. At the moment there is no telling whether the concept will have a real chance on the market in the next two years, given the massive competition. Not everything that is implemented in the new concept will necessarily meet with approval from potential buyers.

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Sono Motors at a crossroads

Sono Motors is still working on series production for the Sion model. There is good news and bad news for the more than 8.000 pre-orderers, according to their own statements. While a partnership with Continental has obviously been lashed for the "Electric Drive Unit", there is an unpleasant surprise when it comes to the price of the battery. Instead of the 2016 euros for the battery with 4.000 kWh announced in 35, the price is currently being updated, according to Sono Motors, at 9.500 euros. While the ... Continue reading "Sono Motors at a crossroads

Sion by Sono Motors - Copyright Sono Motors

Sono Motors offers test drives

Munich-based mobility provider Sono Motors is continuing to work on the presentation of the Sion small car and is touring Germany as part of a series of events. The aim is to present the vehicle concept and to increase the number of pre-orders following the planned test drives. The car can only be pre-ordered at the moment; according to the manufacturer, around 7.000 pre-orders (as of August 2018) have taken advantage of this. The vehicle is to be produced and delivered from 2019. The concept ... Continue reading "Sono Motors offers test drives

Solar vehicle Sion - Copyright Sono Motors

Sono Motors places an order with ElringKlinger for battery development

Sono Motors, a start-up automobile company founded by three Munich-based companies, has developed the solar vehicle “Sion” to series production readiness in the last few months. The requirements for mobility are defined according to the press release: “Thanks to a battery range of 250 km suitable for everyday use, a purchase price (without battery) of 16.000 euros and integrated sharing functions, the vehicle should appeal to families and city commuters in particular. The battery is to be offered on a rental basis or for a one-off purchase. Continue reading "Sono Motors places an order with ElringKlinger for battery development

Sono Motors presents bidirectional charging system - Copyright Sono Motors

Start-up Sono Motors presents bidirectional charging system

A German electric car start-up company presents the Sion project car. The Munich-based company Sono Motors GmbH presented the solar car called Sion on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform at the beginning of August 2016. The Sion solar mobile is currently in the study status, i.e. in the development phase. With the help of crowdfunding financing, funds amounting to 260.480 euros could be raised and the development continued. A prototype currently exists and, according to the manufacturer, three vehicles that are eligible for approval are to be used as ... Continue reading "Start-up Sono Motors presents bidirectional charging system

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