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Subaru Solterra - with the X-Mode many terrains can be mastered....but you should pay attention to the front apron.

Subaru Solterra – the outdoor BEV

Paradigm shift at Subaru. The traditional manufacturer of all-wheel drive cars with boxer engines, in cooperation with Toyota, is launching a robust all-wheel drive vehicle equipped with 2 electric motors and a total output of 218 hp. At first glance, the Solterra falls into the traditional Subaru schema with a rugged exterior appearance and prominent wheel arches. The plastic surrounds and the underbody protection also give an idea of ​​the typical properties for robust off-road use. We tested it intensively in the field.

Subaru Forester e-Boxer 2.0ie Platinum

Subaru Forester e-Boxer 2.0ie Platinum

The fifth generation of the Subaru Forester combines a traditional vehicle concept with the EyeSight emergency braking system and a variety of driver assistance systems. The mild hybrid variant e-Boxer achieves the current Euro 6d emissions standard with the renewed emission control. The off-road station wagon reveals its all-wheel drive qualities in the test.

Subaru Solterra - Copyright Subaru

World premiere of the Subaru Solterra

At Subaru, the turning point away from the traditional boxer engine will be heralded in 2022. With the world premiere of the new Solterra, a completely new path has been taken into the BEV world. A major step away from the pure on- and off-road SUV was also taken. A timeless, modern design is expressed in the striking hexagonal grille and is continued in striking lines with clear refractive edges. The Solterra was built on the Subaru Global platform modified for BEV vehicles.

Subaru Levorg 2.0 i

Autograph Subaru Levorg 2.0i Exclusive

A manufacturer such as Subaru, which is relatively small in the world market, has to make an effort to come up with a clear concept. Therefore, certain unique selling points are important in the highly competitive automotive market. Subaru has consistently relied on four-wheel drive, the boxer engine and a sophisticated emergency braking system for decades. In the coming years, the transition to electromobility will also be initiated. A look at a special vehicle concept and the Eyesight system.

Subaru BRZ 2.0

Subaru BRZ - the sports car for purists

One of the last purely compact sports cars is the Subaru BRZ with the typical two-liter four-cylinder boxer engine as a naturally aspirated engine.

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