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Subaru Outback 2,5i Sport - Eyesight

Subaru Outback 2,5i Sport - Eyesight in the endurance test

A manufacturer such as Subaru, which is relatively small in the world market, has to make an effort to come up with a clear concept. Therefore, certain unique selling points are important in the highly competitive automotive market. Subaru has consistently relied on four-wheel drive, the boxer engine and a sophisticated emergency braking system for decades. In the coming years, the transition to electromobility will also be initiated. A look at a special vehicle concept and the Eyesight system.

Managing Director Christian Amenda, Subaru Germany GmbH

Subaru relies on Eyesight as an emergency brake assistant

Subaru has been focusing on four-wheel drive since 1972. From a total of more than 21 million vehicles produced, more than 16 million all-wheel drive cars have been registered. Subaru has consistently stuck to the boxer engine as the drive source since 1966. Subaru Deutschland GmbH has been selling all-wheel drive cars since 1980 and, according to its own information, had sold 31 vehicles in Germany by December 2016, 374.417. In a short interview with the new managing director Christian Amenda of Subaru Deutschland GmbH we received ... Continue reading "Subaru relies on Eyesight as an emergency brake assistant

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