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Muscle games - Tesla Gigafactory

Entrepreneur Elon Musk had already taken care of PayPal for decades with his first global project. After the sale to Google, the new global players were hurriedly launched. In addition to Hyperloop and SpaceX, Tesla has been the focus of electromobility for years with a clear media star: Elon Musk. Tesla has already lived on large-format announcements and visions for the future in the past.

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Tesla - The end of monopoly

Tesla Inc. is one of the few listed companies in which a major shareholder is both the head of the supervisory board and the defining figure of the company. Corporate communication is tailored to the speaker Elon Musk. For the outsider, it is impossible to really differentiate whether Musk only leads an international company according to his own taste. This leads to far-reaching irritations. So far, Musk's antics have had no far-reaching consequences - as a monopoly in the premium electromobility segment, there was no ... Continue reading "Tesla - The end of monopoly

Tesla Model 3 - Copyright Tesla

Tesla Model 3

Series production of the Tesla Model 3 is now in full swing. On July 9, 2017, the first Model 3 was completed, which was reserved for company founder Elon Musk. By the end of the year, production is to be ramped up to 20.000 Model 3 units in three months. The new model, with which Tesla wants to offer electric cars to the masses for the first time, accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in under 6 seconds. Who the sprint values ​​of the models ... Continue reading "Tesla Model 3

Tesla P90 D - "out of your senses" on request

Tesla celebrates the presentation of its new car models like Apple celebrates its innovations in a large ambience and the whole thing is shrouded in mystery. The Tesla S acts as a technological highlight and currently still has a unique selling point among buyers of an electric sports car for road traffic. Impressive driving values ​​put even the super sports cars with combustion engines in the shade when they start at traffic lights. Time for a relaxed test drive. The fascination that the car exudes at first glance is a combination of sports car, ... Continue reading "Tesla P90 D - "out of your senses" on request

Green Car Magazine - Current issue at the kiosk

New edition in stores from July 27, 2016 The summer of 2017 will bring some changes to the framework conditions for the automotive industry. With the approval of the premiums for electric and hybrid drives by the European Union, the funding instruments can take effect. The automobile manufacturers have partially reacted and are launching some new models after the company holidays. At Volkswagen, the group strategy was renewed and innovative ideas are now also being accepted by the market. In this issue we refer to the ... Continue reading "Green Car Magazine - Current issue at the kiosk

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