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The exhaust disappears under the rear apron

Trend 2024 - I have no exhaust at all

The auto industry has been following a trend in recent years. The exhaust, for decades an important detail in the rear apron of the car for the following drivers, disappears quietly from the streets.

Flying Cars Symbol - Copyright Sunny studio @

Flying Cars – Trends 2023

As far-fetched as it still seems to us that the cars of tomorrow might also be on the move in the air, it is just as real for the developers. There are already several models among the Flying Cars that are already ready for series production. We take a look at the most interesting manufacturers who have been working on interesting projects for years.

Symbol e-cars used car sales - Copyright © carballo -

Price drop for used e-cars in 2023

361.622 cars with purely electric drives, plug-in hybrids or fuel cell drives have been approved so far with support from the environmental bonus. The rewards chosen by the auto peaks for the purchase of new electric vehicles have pushed the demand for electric cars.

green car magazine by subscription - © kustvideo -

green car magazine spring issue 2022

For the German two-wheeler industry, the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic resulted in significant sales and revenue growth in the past and current year. The trend towards the home office and the use of bicycles / pedelecs as a replacement for local public transport set trends that will probably continue in the years to come. Manufacturers and bicycle dealers were faced with new challenges in the face of booming demand.

Mobility Trends 2021 - Copyright © Dusko -

Mobility trends 2021

A representative survey commissioned by Bosch, carried out in June 2020 by the market research institute INNOFACT, provides interesting details about the current and future car market in Europe. More than 2500 respondents from Germany, France, Italy and Great Britain took part in the survey.

Illustration from the book "The In.Car.Nation Code - How the digital change in the mobility industry succeeds" by Dr. Engelbert Wimmer - Copyright e & Co. AG

>> Different metropolitan areas, cultures and usage patterns need different solutions <

Dr. Engelbert Wimmer is not only an experienced management consultant in the automotive industry, but also an eloquent visionary with regard to trends and developments in the global automotive industry. The newly published book "The In Car Nation Code" is an exciting guide to successful digital change in traditional industrial companies.

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