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Vacation by car ferry - Copyright olezzo @ Adobe Stock

With the car ferry on vacation 2022

  • June 22, 202222 June 2022

The range of ferry connections has increased, especially in the Scandinavian countries. Many shipping companies often offer the same routes - if you are well informed here, you can catch some bargains. Of course, the prices for the routes are broken down according to season, as is the case with holiday planning; however, the prices often vary according to the day of the week.

Roskilde view of the Viking Museum - Copyrightrpbmedia -

Travel 2022 – The Rock Museum Ragnarock in Roskilde

  • June 10, 202210 June 2022

At the moment you still have to make your way through a large new building area in Roskilde to the innovative Ragnarock Rock Museum. But then you walk on a long red carpet like a rock star towards the gold-colored cube, the golden box and the entrance. And here a mobile loudspeaker with the sounds of various well-known rock songs is waiting for you at the entrance.

Experience Sweden - picture okalinichenko @

Experience Sweden - Travel 2022

  • March 7, 20227March 2022, XNUMX

If you want to spend your vacation in Sweden, you can expect a completely different experience in advance than when you are in the tourist regions in the south or in Germany on the Baltic or North Sea right in front of your home door. Deceleration is clearly in the foreground here.

Travel symbol - © Med Photo Studio -

The 5 most important tips for traveling with an electric car

  • February 22, 202222February 2022, XNUMX

With the installation of larger batteries in electric cars, many drivers also travel directly on vacation with their emission-free companions. If you want to drive to your holiday destination as stress-free as possible, you should set out with a few important tips. Proper preparation helps against unnecessary stress in the most pleasant time of the year. We at green car magazine inform you about the special features of a vacation trip with the e-car and valuable tips for planning a relaxed trip.

Traveling with a dog - Copyright Grischa Georgiew @

Traveling with a dog

  • November 15, 201914 November 2019, XNUMX

When it comes to the well-deserved family vacation, it is very clear for many families: The beloved dog must definitely come with you! Many holiday home providers or hotels are already geared towards vacationers with dogs and accordingly offer many options for vacationing with four-legged friends.

Car-Net from Volkswagen

Optimal use of the Volkswagen Car-Net system on vacation

  • July 27, 201827July 2018, XNUMX

The tour to the holiday area is the most strenuous time during the holidays when there are long journeys, so long travel times should be optimally planned. A navigation device and a smartphone have now become standard for most holidaymakers in order to arrive safely and stress-free. By coupling the two devices, even more can be achieved from your travel experience. Volkswagen offers the Volkswagen Car-Net system for this purpose. The manufacturer gives the following tips to optimize your own travel planning Routes ... Continue reading "Optimal use of the Volkswagen Car-Net system on vacation

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