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winter tires

New regulations for winter tires - Copyright Floydine @

Winter tire regulations

However, since June 1, 2017, with the 52nd ordinance amending road traffic regulations for winter tires, new regulations and technical requirements apply. So far it was considered sufficient that winter tires were marked with "M + S". These tires were characterized by deeper grooves and larger lugs than normal tires.

Tire control - © clownbusiness -

The digital tire check before the market launch

In the future, thanks to the cooperation between ProovStation and MICHELIN, car tires can be digitally scanned within a few moments. The manufacturer of automated vehicle inspection solutions and the tire manufacturer offer a very fast tire test using a magnetic scanner. According to the two manufacturers, the scanners installed on the ground work in all weather conditions for every type of tire and vehicle.

Goodyear reCharge concept tire - Copyright Goodyear

Goodyear reCharge - a biodegradable concept tire

Goodyear presented an innovative tire concept for the future without a pneumatic structure according to the “tall and narrow” concept. The “Large / Tall and Narrow” tire concept pursues the goal of reducing the rolling resistance of the tire considerably and at least a little air resistance and thus lowering energy / fuel consumption.

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