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Taycan Sport Tourismo

Taycan Sport Tourismo – The Porsche generalist

With the Taycan, Porsche has cemented the turnaround to an e-sports car in recent years. This can be seen not only in the performance spectrum of the popular Stuttgarter, but also increasingly in the bandwidth of the model. The spacious Tourismo variant alone has been finely graded with various service packages and entry-level prices for all customer requirements. It can be configured from the basic Sport Tourismo model to the high-performance Turbo S Sport Tourismo model. We tested the Sport Tourismo with the large battery pack in winter.

From our previous test drives with the Porsche Taycan, we got to know the sporty character traits. With the Tourismo variant, there is a much greater sense of space in the rear and a generous volume in the trunk. This makes the Tourismo, in keeping with its name, predestined for long-distance journeys with sufficient luggage or leisure items.

New target groups

While the classic Porsche drivers with petrol in their blood and a variety of switches, rocker arms or buttons teased every ounce of performance out of the car, the Taycan is a big digital cinema program. While the eye used to wander over a field of rockers, touch segments, buttons and toggle switches at Porsche, a large curved display now dominates the field. The digital cockpit can be individually adjusted to the desired information from the navigation map to the driving mode. At the edges they are partially covered by the leather steering wheel rim. The central, high-contrast displays for speed, power consumption and battery status dominate while driving. The 10,9-inch infotainment monitor sits enthroned above the center console to the right of the steering wheel. The settings are very differentiated and of course also enable the operation of seat ventilation and heating.

Taycan Sport Tourismo
Taycan Sport Tourismo

New colors

The departure into emission-free times is also dominated by a special color palette with high-quality metallic paintwork. Depending on your taste, you can choose between frozen blue metallic, coffee beige metallic or mamba green metallic, for example. In addition, the vehicle can be individualized with many technical and innovative details.

The basic price for the model we tested called Taycan Tourismo Sport with the performance battery is currently 95.074,90 euros (as of December 2022). The maximum power including top boost is 476 hp and the acceleration from zero to 5,4 km/h can be managed quickly in 400 seconds. This already has some sporting virtues, which are further enhanced by good charging performance and an attractive range. Under optimal conditions, more than XNUMX kilometers can be achieved.

With the Taycan, all important driving styles can be implemented quickly and easily using the selector wheel on the steering wheel. Depending on the selected mode, the consumption values ​​in our tests vary from 20 kWh to 35 kWh per 100 km. The range of possible uses and the generous amount of space make the Taycan Tourismo an all-rounder in this vehicle segment.



Sales figures in Europe

2021 16.250 units

2020 12.332 units

2019 746 units

Source carsalebase

Taycan Sport Tourismo
Taycan Sport Tourismo

Technical tidbits

Porsche offers high-quality special equipment for the interior and customization. In addition, there are also some interesting technical solutions that upgrade the Taycan and represent an increase in value. ( Prices as of December 2022)

Adaptive air suspension including Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM)(2.159,85 €)

The adaptive air suspension with level control and height adjustment in four levels (lift, medium, lowered and low) including electronic, continuous damper control with three selectable driving programs. This allows the distance between the chassis and the ground to be adjusted to an individual level.

Panorama roof with Sunshine Control. (€5.045,60)

The new multi-layer glass roof with a switchable liquid crystal film has nine individual segments and can be switched to completely clear or completely matt without any delay using the center display or the touch panel. When clear, the large glass roof allows for a light-flooded interior and a generous view to the outside.

Taycan Sport Tourismo
Taycan Sport Tourismo

Heat pump (844,90 € )

The Heat pump uses the waste heat from the drive train to efficiently heat the vehicle interior. When the outside temperature is below 20° Celsius and the air conditioning is activated, the heat pump helps to save energy and has a positive effect on the range. Anyone who would like to tease out a few extra kilometers should definitely have the heat pump installed.


The impressive appearance and the dynamics already surpass the classic sports cars with combustion engines. The handling, the stable chassis and the acceleration dynamics are strong attributes of all new Taycan variants. The ranges, on the other hand, depend very much on the selected mode and the pressure on the power pedal. In normal everyday use with the performance battery in the Nordic winter, however, a good 300 km was possible until the next power charger. From our point of view, the symbiosis of performance and comfort is to be classified as a reference in this sports car segment.


test from the winter

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