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Switzerland Cars 2021 - © VRD -

The electric car market is gaining in importance in Switzerland

Switzerland is not a member of the EU and is pursuing its own national path in promoting the electric car. While high state premiums in Norway and Germany in particular provide an incentive to buy, in Switzerland a division into national and cantonal support measures ensures regional peculiarities. We take a look at electric car subsidies and the most popular electric cars.

National and cantonal funding

While national funding currently exempts battery electric vehicles from automobile tax amounting to 4% of the vehicle value, the cantons have a wide-ranging funding program with a possible tax bonus. Each canton and the cities have their own funding scenario. This also results in from Canton Significant differences between cantons in the most popular vehicles for new registrations.

“After three quarters, there are signs of stabilization in the distribution of motorisation. Since the beginning of the year, electric, hybrid, gas and hydrogen drives have accounted for almost half of the market with 80 new registrations or 292 percent. Compared to the previous year's value of 49,4 percent, this still represents noticeable growth. During this period, full and mild hybrid drives (from 41,8 to 21,6%) and purely electric vehicles (from 24,6 .11,3 to 16,3%). The plug-in hybrids are only slightly behind the previous year's figure and have a market share of 8,4 percent (Q3 2021: 8,8%). The growing number of alternatives is primarily at the expense of pure petrol engines (from 43,8 to 38,4%). Compared to the previous year, diesel hardly lost any market share (from 14,4 to 12,2%) and was even able to gain in September (from 9,9 to 11,5%). ” (source auto-switzerland)

The top 5 new BEV registrations in Switzerland in January-September 2022

Tesla Model Y Copyright Tesla

1. Tesla Model Y

3.313 units

Tesla Model 3 - Copyright Tesla

2.Tesla Model 3

3.078 units

SKODA_ENYAQ_iV - Copyright Skoda

3.Skoda Enyaq

1.672 units

Audi Q4 e-tron quattro - Copyright Audi

4. Audi Q4

1.208 units

The new Fiat 500 - Copyright Fiat

5. Fiat 500 and

1.136 units


Cover picture Switzerland Cars 2021 - © VRD -

Images of cars Copyright of the manufacturer

Source. Statistics of the auto-switzerland from Bern

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