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Polestar Space in Oslo - Copyright Volvo Cars Polestar

Tesla Model Y clear leader in new registrations in Norway

The e-car boom in Norway has brought very different winners into focus among manufacturers. The manufacturer, which can deliver electric cars in the premium segment, is at the top of the registration statistics because of the high tax savings. The market is very dynamic, and high-quality electric cars are in demand. That is why you will find cars from the top price segment at the top of the registration statistics. Cars like the Mustang Mach are trendy, and the Audi Q4, the Volkswagen ID.4, the Skoda Enyaq and the Volvo XC40 are also in high demand. So there is a lot of movement in the premium segment and the race is wide open for the future.

The relatively frequent shifts in sales success show that one can look forward to some surprises in the future. The manufacturers use the unique market constellations for a strong positioning in the electric car market Norway and apparently expect prestige gains for the complete conversion in the European market in the coming years. In Germany, too, increasing sales can be registered with the full environmental bonus. According to our estimates from green car magazine, the proportion of new registrations this year will be over 30%.

The reasons for the faltering car market in Norway are primarily higher taxes, which cause new car prices to rise: the many purchase incentives of recent years can no longer be offered due to falling tax revenues in the car sector.

“The number of new passenger car registrations ended in April at 8.976, 7,7 percent lower than in April of the previous year. And after the first four months of the year, the number of newly registered passenger cars was 10,5 percent below the same period in 2022. 37.641 new passenger car registrations have been registered so far this year, and one thing is very special in this period of time OFV in Oslo )

The top 5 new registrations in Norway January to April 2023

Tesla Model Y Copyright Tesla

1. Tesla Model Y

9.634 units

trendy +

Volkswagen ID.4 - Copyright Volkswagen

2.Volkswagen ID.4

1.974 units


Toyota bZ4x - Copyright Toyota

3.Toyota bZ4x

1.972 units

Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric Ultimate

2.Volvo XC40

1.859 units

MX-30 e-Skyactiv winter test 2020/2021

5.Volkswagen ID.3

1.639 units

Trend stable

ID Buzz - Copyright Volkswagen Media

Volkswagen ID Buzz

474 units


Cover Photo - Polestar Space in Oslo - Copyright Volvo Cars Polestar

Images of cars Copyright of the manufacturer

Source. Statistics from the Norwegian OFV in Oslo - Opplysningsrådet for Veitrafikken

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