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Tesla P90 D - "out of your senses" on request

Tesla celebrates the presentation of its new car models like Apple celebrates its innovations in a large ambience and the whole thing is shrouded in secrecy. The Tesla S acts as a technological highlight and currently still has a unique selling point among buyers of an electric sports car for road traffic. Impressive driving values ​​put even the super sports cars with combustion engines in the shade when they start at traffic lights. Time for a relaxed test drive.
The fascination that the car exudes at first glance is a combination of sports car, comfortable limousine and pollution-free drive with a range of a good 400 km in summer. In practice, if you are sporty, you can run the battery empty in a good 200 km. In winter, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems drain the batteries correspondingly more quickly. This also brings a global success factor from Tesla into focus: the Supercharger. Without the infrastructure with these fast charging stations from Tesla, these cars would not be so interesting and fascinating. The body is aerodynamically shaped and there is a smooth underbody, which means that the air resistance value is very low. You won't find any side protection strips, and so the good aerodynamics have the disadvantage that touching the paintwork can very easily result in direct paint damage when getting in and out.


The complete “von Sinnen” test is available in the current print edition.

green car magazine issue August / September 2016

green car magazine issue August / September 2016

After the delays with the delivery of the new models and the negative headlines about the autopilot, Tesla has now inaugurated the gigafactory. A company video provides first impressions.


N. Hawthorn
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