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TOP-5 new registrations Spain - © flowertiare -

TOP-5 electric cars in Spain 2024

The support programs in Spain for electromobility are called “MOVES”. In April 2021, the government presented and approved the current MOVES III program. The program has a budget of 400 million euros until 2023, but can be expanded to up to 800 million euros if necessary. This means that the subsidy when buying an electric car increases to up to 7.000 euros. In Spain, in order to obtain the full bonus for the buyer, a used car that is more than 7 years old must be scrapped. The program expires in mid-2024.

However, if no end-of-life vehicle is given for scrapping, the subsidy is reduced to 4.500 euros for the electric car. In Spain, both fuel cell cars, pure electric cars (BEV) and plug-in hybrids are subsidized. The highest funding for PHEV is only given if the electric range is at least 90 kilometers.

As in Germany, upper limits also apply to the acquisition costs. This may amount to a maximum of 45.000 euros net. For multi-seaters with up to 8 or 9 seats, this limit increases to 53.000 euros net. E-transporters approved as BEV, PHEV or FCEV are also subsidized with up to 9.000 euros.

Also in Spain there has been a clear trend towards electric cars this year. With the new subsidy program, up to 250.000 electric vehicles should be newly registered by the end of 2023. The charging points are to be expanded to 100.000 units.

“Sales of electrified vehicles (electric and plug-in hybrids, including passenger cars, four-wheelers, commercial and industrial vehicles and buses) start the year with a total of 8.560 new registrations, an increase of 6% and 1%, respectively of total sales. Of these, 10,3 units were passenger cars, which would represent a market share of 7.953% for the month, resuming the trend of recent months after achieving strong growth of up to 11,6% of market share last month in 15,2 ..” (Source ANFAC, Spain”)

The top 5 new BEV registrations in January 2024 in Spain

Tesla Model 3 - Copyright Tesla

1.Tesla Model 3

737 units

trendy +

Tesla Model Y Copyright Tesla

2Tesla Model Y

343 units

MG4 Electric - Copyright MG


167 units

trendy +

Kia Niro EV Inspiration 2023

4.Kia Niro

130 units

trendy +

BMW ix1 - Copyright BMW

5. BMW iX1

123 units


Cover picture - TOP-5 new registrations Spain - © flowertiare -

Images of cars Copyright of the manufacturer

Source. Statistics from ANFAC – Spain / Subject to change

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  1. When I asked about the possibility of buying a financed car (Dacia Spring Electro) by applying for government funding, I was informed that this offer is only available to people who own the Residenzia.

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