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Toyota Prius +

Toyota is one of the first manufacturers to consistently rely on hybrid drives. With over 9 million customers who have used the drive so far, the manufacturer has a large and loyal customer potential.
The revised energy-saving drive concept is intended to attract even more customers. There are now over 30 car models with hybrid drives in the Toyota range. Time to test the redesigned seven-seater MPV.

The technical innovations
Toyota uses a larger lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 8,8 kWh for a longer distance in pure electric mode of up to 50 km in the new model. A more powerful electric motor with 68 kW increases the driving performance in electric mode to 135 km / h. A 1,8 L four-cylinder engine is installed for all further journeys. With the built-in solar roof, the batteries can also be charged - according to the manufacturer, this should bring up to 5 km per day with optimal solar radiation. In this model, recuperation via the brake system achieves the greatest feed potential for the battery while driving.
In the current generation, the technical advances at di
verses of assistance systems to read and experience. Depending on the equipment variant and the accessories that can be ordered, there is a cruise control for adaptive cruise control through to a parking assistant for automated parking processes.
Digital lifestyle
In practice, it is sufficient to have the key with you when you get in. The driver's door opens when the door handle is touched, then just sit down and the Prius + is started at the push of a button. Adjusting the seats and the steering wheel can be done easily. There is an information display in the middle of the console for cruise control, fuel levels and basic vehicle data. There wanders
for information while driving, look to the right of the steering wheel. The head-up display as a small mouse cinema in the windshield only showed the speed in our test version. To the left of the steering wheel, the driver can regulate the height and brightness for the display.
The multimedia touchscreen is placed under the info display. This is where the media player, navigation system and vehicle configuration are housed. And Toyota has also thought of those who want to switch, who still like to listen to CDs. The whole thing can be operated simply and logically - like on a well thought-out smartphone surface.
Driving operation and chassis
When starting with battery capacity, the electric motor initially takes over driving. Maneuvering and maneuvering into and out of parking spaces is quiet and easy to see - using a reversing camera and sensors. The control lever for the single-stage automatic is well placed in the field of vision to the right of the steering wheel. In addition to forward and reverse gear, you can also choose an engine brake for downhill driving to protect the brakes. Pure electric travel is limited to a distance of around 50 km thanks to the compact battery. While driving, the four-cylinder engine audibly takes over the drive. Now at the latest you want the peace and quiet of the electric motor back. The engine can then be clearly heard in the high speed ranges: That is the disadvantage of a single-stage automatic transmission. As with this test, we have to say goodbye to the consumption according to DIN regulations, because this can only be achieved with a fully charged battery on the first 100 km of the standard test route. Depending on the driving mode and load, we are at 5–7 L Super per 100 km of driving distance. But that's still moderate for a van with 7 seats.
The wide-opening doors with the low edges allow easy entry and exit and the trunk is easy to load and unload. The front seats are taut and offer good lateral support while driving. There is space for 3 adults on the rear bench seat and if necessary, 2 seats can be added in the rear, e.g. for children.
For the Prius + there is the basic equipment and the "Comfort" equipment tested by us. Extensions such as parking aids or a panoramic glass roof (1.100 euros) can also be ordered. Further comfort and equipment features are freely configurable.

N. Hawthorn
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