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Trend full hybrid car

The range of full hybrid cars is increasing continuously. In addition to the pioneers from Toyota with the Lexus premium segment, many other global players have also entered the segment. Drivers who value a long range or tow a trailer usually opt for hybrid cars. The full hybrid cars are very much in vogue. It is probably due to the advantage of not needing any electrical charging options and using recuperation to cover short distances without a combustion engine. What should be considered when buying?

Cancellation of the environmental bonus 2023

A frequent argument for buying plug-in hybrids in recent years has been the environmental bonus. With the abolition of the premium, the economic advantage for interested parties shifts towards Full hybrid car.

Electric range

The all-electric range is interesting for many buyers. The built-in battery capacity and consumption in the electrical sector are decisive for the actual range in the short-haul area. The battery capacities vary depending on the type and installation within the vehicle. They are often installed below the center console, under the rear bench seat or in the trunk.

Energy recovery via recuperation

In all vehicles, the original recovery takes place primarily when the vehicle is braked. In vehicles with relatively small batteries, the energy recovery can often be seen very well in the displays even when braking hard, for example from high speed. Using the digital displays, the energy fed into the battery can be read directly from the scale or the energy monitor. Environmentally conscious driving can usually be experienced on the basis of the energy gained or saved.

Toyota Yaris full hybrid 2021
Toyota Yaris full hybrid 2021

Battery capacity and construction

The temperature range and the battery capacity are of decisive importance for the electrical range. In warm external conditions, a moderate driving style in the short distance range is 10 to 15 kWh per 100 km; in winter conditions also like twice the values ​​due to the switched on consumers. The battery capacity in full hybrid cars is usually tight in order to save weight and space. Common types are batteries that promise a good durability.
The shortest possible service life is important for battery operation. The battery can be damaged if it has not been used for more than a year. The constant use of the vehicle is also crucial for the longest possible service life of the battery. Normally, the battery is designed for the service life of the car, with the built-in batteries different guarantees are offered up to a defined mileage. It is worth taking a look at the manufacturers' exact warranty conditions.

Nissan Qashqai e-POWER Tekna+
Nissan Qashqai e-POWER Tekna+

Stable value

The discussion about the pollutant load of conventional drives has already brought measurable value stability to the first generations of Toyota hybrid models. The factors of sustainability and low environmental impact will play an important role in the sale of used cars in the future. The recently decided ones Diesel driving bans and the trend away from diesel supports high value stability in the sale of used hybrid cars. Manufacturers often offer an extended manufacturer's warranty when buying a new car. In any case, this is also an argument when reselling the vehicle.


Source: green car magazine

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