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Ultra fast charging station - Copyright Porsche

Ultra fast charging stations for electric cars

According to the Porsche press release, charging electric vehicles could soon be almost as fast as filling up with fuel today. This is obviously an interim result of the “FastCharge” research project in which Porsche is involved. On Wednesday, December 13.12.2018th, 8, the prototype of a charging station with an output of up to 450 kW was presented in Jettingen-Scheppach, near the A90 between Ulm and Augsburg. A Porsche research vehicle with a net battery capacity of around 400 kWh achieved a charging power of over 100 kW and thus enabled charging times of less than three minutes for the first XNUMX kilometers.

Charging station for vehicles with CCS charging system of the type 2 variant

The new charging station is suitable for all brands of electric models with the type 2 variant of the Combined Charging System (CCS), which is common in Europe, and can now be used free of charge. The “FastCharge” research project initiated in July 2016 is funded with a total of 7,8 million euros by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. The implementation of the funding guidelines is coordinated by the National Organization for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NOW). The industrial consortium includes the BMW Group and Porsche AG as automobile manufacturers, and Allego GmbH as operators, Phoenix Contact E-Mobility GmbH (charging technology) and Siemens AG (electrical engineering). 
The acceptance of electric vehicles is increasing among potential buyers with a fast and easy-to-use charging infrastructure. The charging capacity of the new Fastchargers is three to nine times as high as that of the previous DC fast charging stations. The research project examines which technical requirements regarding vehicles and infrastructure have to be met in order to be able to use the extremely high charging capacities.

The charging station prototypes presented now use the charging plugs of the proven CCS in the type 2 variant for Europe. This charging standard has already proven itself in a large number of electrified vehicles and is used in large parts of the world. Depending on the vehicle model, the new ultra-fast charging station, which can be used free of charge, can be used for both cars with 400-volt and 800-volt battery systems. The charging power provided in each case automatically adapts to the maximum permissible charging power of the vehicle. 

According to the manufacturer, the Porsche research vehicle in the "FastCharge" project is the first car to achieve an initial charging power of 400 kW. This is made possible by an innovative cooling system that ensures uniform and gentle temperature control of the battery cells.


Source and image material: Copyright Porsche

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