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BMW i8 IAA 2017 - Copyright green car magazine

Sales start of the BMW i8 Roadster and Coupé

It was presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2017 - now it is on sale: the BMW i8 Roadster is now on the market together with the new edition of the BMW i8 Coupé. Both models are based on the LifeDrive vehicle architecture, which was specially designed for BMW-i automobiles. The drive module, which is made of aluminum, integrates the drive, high-voltage battery, chassis, crash and structural functions, and the passenger cell is made of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic.

The further developed BMW eDrive technology powers both the new BMW i8 Roadster and the i8 Coupé. Above all, the proportion of purely electric driving shares was expanded. The combustion engine is only activated when the load is extremely high and is switched off again more frequently, that is, as soon as a moderate driving style has been achieved.
To achieve this, the BMW's lithium-ion battery has been further developed. The battery in the center of the underbody has a cell capacity that has increased from 20 to 34 Ah and can thus provide the electric motor with more energy. The peak output has thus been increased by 9 kW (12 PS) to 105 kW (143 PS). The electric range of the two models has also increased: the new BMW i8 Roadster can now cover an all-electric distance of 53 kilometers. The new BMW i8 Coupé covers 55 emission-free kilometers (around 50 percent more than before) - according to the NEDC cycle, mind you. In the standard driving mode, both models can drive purely electrically up to a speed of 105 km / h - if the eDrive button is pressed even at up to 120 km / h. The combustion engine of the roadster and the new coupé has also been further optimized. It develops a maximum output of 170 kW (231 hp) and a maximum torque of 320 Nm and is equipped with a particle filter as standard. The system output of the drive train of the two models grew to 275 kW (374 hp). The new i100 Coupé needs 8 seconds to accelerate from standstill to 4,4 km / h; the new i8 Roadster 4,6 seconds. The top speed of both models is limited to 250 km / h.

The fuel consumption of the new BMW i8 Roadster is 2,1 liters / 100 km in the NEDC cycle, the CO2 value is 46 g / km. If both drive sources are used, according to the manufacturer, commuter traffic in city operations and on country roads can be managed with a consumption of less than 5 liters / 100 km. On long-distance journeys on country roads and motorways, the intelligent energy management should limit the average consumption to less than 7 liters / 100 km.

BMW i8 Roadster with the new aerodynamics package - Copyright BMW

BMW i8 Roadster with the new aerodynamics package - Copyright BMW

The two-seater BMW i8 Roadster has a weight-optimized textile top, which underlines the low center of gravity of the plug-in hybrid. After opening, the soft top is completely sunk into the rear of the vehicle, while the rear window is moved to a comfort position in order to be able to serve as a windbreak in any position.
Both the Coupé and the Roadster have the typical design features of the i8, namely the gull-wing doors that open to the front and the top and optimized aerodynamics.

Both models will be available from July 2018. Prices for the new BMW i8 Roadster start at 155.000 euros; the new i8 Coupé starts at 138.000 euros (as of March 2018).


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Sources: Images and information from BMW



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