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Volkswagen at the pulse of e-mobility 2021 - update

The sting of the fading diesel scandal seems to be driving the motivation for new, ambitious, climate-friendly projects at Volkswagen. Under the slogan 'Way to Zero', VW has visualized its plans to decarbonise the company and its products. At least on the balance sheet, Volkswagen wants to be climate-neutral by 2050 at the latest. The goal that was already propagated in 2018 of reducing CO2030 emissions per vehicle in Europe by 2% by 30 has now been recalibrated and set at 40%. The enormous demand for the ID family can arguably be seen as the main cause of these improvements. Quo vadis Volkswagen?

The trend towards e-mobility is unleashing new innovations at Volkswagen. The manufacturer is already betting on the expansion of wind and solar parks by 2025. The first steps were heralded in the last two years with the green electricity program for your own wallbox (Volkswagen Naturstrom) and charging en route with the expansion of the IONITY network . According to Volkswagen, the first major projects have already been contractually agreed with the energy company RWE. One example is the construction of a huge solar system with a total capacity of 170 million kilowatt hours per year in Tramm, Mecklenburg. 247 solar modules will be installed on an area of ​​420.000 hectares. According to Volkswagen, all projects should together generate around 2025 terawatt hours of green electricity by 7.

Supply chains are included

Ambitious goals are also planned within the supply chains outside of China. The aim is to identify and reduce those who cause CO2. Further announcements can be found in the press release: “Together with the suppliers, the company wants to gradually improve the carbon footprint and ensure a sustainable supply chain. The company is also pursuing a clear decarbonization strategy in the in-house production of components through Volkswagen Group Components. The gigafactories for battery cell production announced during the Power Day are to be fully supplied with green electricity. "

Success model ID.3
Success model ID.3

In sales, too, a further expansion of production for electric cars is on the agenda under the “ACCELERATE” brand strategy. By 2030, at least 70% of Volkswagen sales should be purely electric cars. To achieve this goal, at least one new e-model is to be launched on the market every year. With the ID.4 GTX, Volkswagen already presented the GTI to e-mobility on April 28th. The ID.5 will probably follow next year.

Update 05.07.2021

In the current report by the Federal Motor Transport Authority on the balance sheet in the first half of 1, Volkswagen can claim first place in the registration statistics: "The VW brand also posted the largest share of new registrations in June with 2021 percent." In the first six months of 20,8, 2021 vehicles of the Volkswagen brand were newly registered. With a market share of 276.486%, it defended first place in the registration statistics.


Volkswagen underlines the change to electromobility with a clearly perceptible structure with a comprehensive solution approach. In the new “Way to Zero” concept, all upstream and downstream processes for the production of the electric car are included. In the future, the car will play less of a role in the value chain of automotive companies, and sustainable, intelligent and well-networked mobility offers are in demand. Volkswagen will have its finger on the pulse of e-mobility with its new strategy.

N. Hawthorn
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