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Volkswagen Group relies on electromobility

At today's press conference, Volkswagen boss Müller announced an epochal change in strategy for Volkswagen. The path leads through the areas of electromobility and digitization within the next few years. Radical restructuring is necessary here, because Volkswagen is underrepresented compared to other manufacturers in this sector.

But the new priorities are not only being set in this area; other core sectors will be autonomous driving and mobility services. While BMW and Daimler have established two international service providers with DriveNow and car2go, Volkswagen is looking for a viable concept. A first step was taken with the introduction of the taxi app "Gett".

VW has to master the double-digit billions required for the investments by reducing ineffective investments.

From his point of view, Müller sees the world market for electric cars growing steadily, he reckons that one in four cars will be battery-powered in about 10 years and is relying on more than 30 new electric car models at Volkswagen during this period.

The rapid conversion is to be supported by a new focus on battery technology independent of suppliers from the Asian region.

We will continue to follow Volkswagen's path and present the current all-electric cars from Volkswagen in the next few issues.

N. Hawthorn
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