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Volvo C40 Recharge Pure Electric Twin 1st Edition

Volvo C40 Recharge Pure Electric Twin 1st Edition on test

Volvo Car is continuously expanding its own portfolio with further electrified models. One of the most interesting new releases of 2002 is the all-electric Volvo C40 Coupe. The demand for coupes among SUVs has increased slightly in recent years. At Volvo, the focus is on traditional values ​​such as the comfortable interior and the large, trapezoidal central information display combined with new, purely digital elements. Our summer test 2022 focuses on comfort features and driving culture.

Volvo will make the switch from plug-in hybrids to many all-electric models over the next few years. A distinctive feature is the individually designed Electric front grille and its own grille surround. The technical data promise a mature electric car. With two electric motors, each with 204 hp on the front and rear axles with a maximum torque of 660 Newton meters, the coupe is more dynamic than the models with combustion engines, especially in terms of elasticity when overtaking from 80 to 120 km/h. Of the Lithium-ion battery with a net capacity of 75 kWh ensures a sufficient range.

Volvo C40 Recharge Pure Electric Twin 1st Edition
Volvo C40 Recharge Pure Electric Twin 1st Edition

long-distance qualities

If you mainly travel long distances, you should focus on the supercharger stations along the route. The power consumption is 150 kW and the Stromer can be charged to up to 40% of the battery capacity within a good 80 minutes. If you are planning longer journeys, you should charge to 100% before you start. Because great driving pleasure also consumes a corresponding amount of energy. In our current test in summery temperatures, we can include the freeways and country roads in detail. On our test routes, the consumption was between 15 and 25 kWh per 100 kilometers, depending on the load and driving mode. In view of the high vehicle weight and the comfort features, this is an expected value.

The compact premium segment

When it comes to standard equipment, Volvo traditionally focuses on the subject of safety, which is ensured above all by the numerous active and passive safety features. The City Safety System including pedestrian, cyclist and wild animal detection as well as a brake assistant for intersections deserves a special mention. The tried-and-tested adaptive cruise control, which is activated by one-touch directly on the steering wheel with your thumb, is relevant in practice for long-distance journeys. Those who value even more long-distance comfort can order the IntelliSafe package with blind spot information or automatic braking if warning signals from the safety system are ignored for an additional charge of 1.550 euros. We had the system on board and the automated braking processes when parking and leaving a parking space as soon as an obstacle was identified should be emphasized.

Comfort and ergonomics as important elements in the premium segment

At Volvo, value is placed on high-quality seating comfort with very good lateral support and configurations that can be saved individually. They are upgraded with the heated and ventilated seating elements. The multifunction steering wheel includes all the essential controls for speed, media and telephone functions and adaptive cruise control. A head-up display, which is actually common for the premium segment, is also desirable for the future.

Volvo C40 Recharge Pure Electric Twin 1st Edition
Volvo C40 Recharge Pure Electric Twin 1st Edition

On tour with the C40

We chose the most interesting routes in Schleswig-Holstein for the test drives. On our test kilometers we were able to experience the dynamics and smooth running in all speed ranges. A very comfortable suspension is achieved thanks to the independent wheel suspension with good damping characteristics. For fans of automated driving, the adaptive cruise control is very convenient thanks to simple activation and quick speed adjustment using the left thumb. After stopping at traffic lights, the system is immediately reactivated by gently pressing the power pedal.

Maneuvering is very easy for the compact SUV thanks to the 360-degree all-round view on the trapezoidal display. The total supervision and the obstacles are reported visually and acoustically. Depending on the driving situation and the mode selected, consumption values ​​in summer of between 15 and 25 kWh per 100 km can be achieved when driving on the test routes. With a total weight of a good 2 tons and the high air resistance, these are the usual values. In the summer, there is some savings potential in the energy-saving mode. The combined WLTP range is specified by Volvo as 439 kilometers. At least you can plan a relaxed summer trip with it.

Prices and special equipment

The Volvo C40 Recharge Pure Electric as 1st Edition still has a base price of 60.790 euros in the current model year and is therefore still above the maximum limit for the environmental Bonus. In the online configurator, Volvo already has a basic version with an electric motor in its portfolio with a starting price of 45.280 euros (July 2022). In view of the lavish environmental bonus, this can probably be one more reason to switch from the combustion engine to the electric C40. Due to the current COVID pandemic, it is hardly possible to make a reliable forecast of delivery times at the moment. In view of the stricter emission regulations, however, the manufacturers with a consistent conversion to electromobility clearly have an advantage.

As an SUV in the premium segment, you can of course equip it with many extras. This includes various light alloy wheels that can be selected according to your own taste. If you value technical features, we recommend the following features after our test:

The winter package for 1.000 euros, including heated front washer jets, seat heating and steering wheel heating as well as a heat pump, is a big plus for the resale value.

If you value darkened sides and rear windows, you can order them for a surcharge of 390 euros.

The different metallic paint finishes are very appealing. The Fjord Blue metallic variant we drove is available for an additional charge of 750 euros.


The C40 Recharge Pure Electric as a compact SUV coupe looks elegant and attractive in design. With the environmental bonus, it clearly has an attractive price/performance ratio when it competes with Audi, BMW and Mercedes in the compact SUV premium segment. Those who value a high level of customization and sophisticated safety equipment will quickly become friends with the C40.


Summer test 2022

How do you like the coupe from Volvo?

N. Hawthorn
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