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How do I benefit from the GHG quota as an e-driver?

DISPLAY - For years Tesla made billions from the sale of emission rights, now owners of electric vehicles can also benefit from the system. Markus Aichele from mygreencashback reports how the GHG quota works.

Who can benefit from certificate trading and since when?

Due to the state greenhouse gas reduction quota (GHG quota), owners of electric vehicles have been able to claim the CO2022 emissions saved by their vehicle since the beginning of 2. This applies to both private and commercial electric cars, vans, buses and trucks. Regardless of whether they are purchased, leased or financed.

How high are the bonuses and is there a payout guarantee?

Due to long-term contracts with our business partners, we guarantee customers an annual bonus of €330 for passenger cars. For vans it is €495 and for buses and trucks even €12000 per vehicle.

What are the conditions for successful hikes?

We provide easy access to GHG proceeds. During the registration process, the customer only provides a copy of the vehicle certificate part I (vehicle registration document) and some personal data.

What tax aspects should private quota recipients pay attention to?

From a tax law perspective, payments such as the GHG quota are benefits from other income and are therefore subject to income tax if they are higher than the tax-free limit of €256. We offer a donation option with our partner “Die Tafel” and “RTL – Ukrainehilfe” to stay within the tax-free limit.

How does the payment work? What happens if I sell the vehicle during the year?

The bonus is paid out on a quarterly basis. The prerequisite for the bonus is that the owner has registered the electric vehicle for at least one day in the corresponding year. Then the full bonus is paid out. If the electric car is sold during the year, the premium does not have to be repaid. However, the subsequent buyer is not entitled to the premium in the current year, but can receive it again in the following year.

Forest - Copyright mygreencashback
Forest – Copyright mygreencashback

The GHG quota is often criticized because it is obtained from those who are subject to quotas, i.e. mineral oil companies, in order to reduce their CO2 fines. What do you make of it?

With the possibility of asserting the GHG quota, the German state has created the following opportunity: the redistribution of funds from the mineral oil industry into electromobility. Here, energy justice is significantly increased and the energy transition in road traffic is promoted. We also cooperate with medium-sized mineral oil companies. These still make a valuable contribution to supplying trucks with diesel so that we can all buy fresh groceries in the supermarket every day.

How big does mygreencashback estimate the market to be?

The number of registered electric cars in Germany was around 1.10.21 on October 517.000st, 2022. The forecast for 1,18 is XNUMX million new electric cars. Accordingly, there are attractive opportunities for electric car drivers to earn money with their vehicle. The federal government sells GHG quotas that are not purchased and include them in the federal budget as revenue.

The fine for oil companies that miss their CO2 emission reduction targets is €2022 per tonne of CO600 in 2. This would theoretically result in a payout of around €500 per car. However, the amount of this fine is only to be understood as a theoretical upper limit of the quota value, the actual values ​​are unfortunately much lower. Hans Dieter Seufert

Does mygreencashback see a time limit on trading?

It is already clear that the GHG quota will accompany electromobility for a long time: at least 2030 is considered set in the industry, as stipulated in the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG). By this year, the mineral oil companies that are subject to quotas will have to reduce or offset a steadily increasing proportion of their CO2 emissions. From the current six to at least 25% in 2030. In addition, from 2023, biofuels based on palm oil may no longer end up in the tanks of combustion vehicles, which will provide further impetus for electromobility. In addition, the maximum permitted amount of biofuels produced in other ways is limited. Among other things, to defuse the competitive situation with areas for growing food. All of this puts additional pressure on the oil companies. The demand for GHG quotas and thus the possible revenues for owners of electric vehicles are likely to increase in the future.

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Guest post by Markus Aichele from mgreenycashback

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