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Symbolic gadget for the car - Copyright © auremar -

Smart car gadgets for little money

The Winnes GPS tracker locates the vehicle via a free app, with an accuracy of up to five meters. There is also the option of setting up a kind of geo-fence.

Symbol of smartphone mobility - Copyright oatawa @ Adobe Stock

BMW and Daimler agree mobility joint venture

According to the press release, the BMW Group and Daimler AG are planning the next steps for their joint mobility company after approval by the competition authorities. The basis for this is the approval of the US competition authority, which has been available since Tuesday, December 18, 2018. All of the cartel authorities involved have given the go-ahead for the new joint venture, which is owned equally by the BMW Group and Daimler AG. For the joint venture, the personal freedom of customers in urban mobility in ... Continue reading "BMW and Daimler agree mobility joint venture

Mobility apps in the everyday test - Image source: @

Mobility apps for everyday life

In order to find the most comfortable, fastest or cheapest way to a destination, one needs either a good knowledge of the traffic routes or a suitable aid. The variety of transport options is huge - and often you don't even know the options. Mobility apps are supposed to shed light on this, but the apps themselves are often confusing or simply not up to date. We present four apps that are suitable from our point of view for navigating to your destination and explain ... Continue reading "Mobility apps for everyday life

Comparison of charging station apps. Copyright sveta @

Charging station apps for smartphones

The smartphone as a constant companion in all situations is now part of everyday life. Using the smartphone as a navigation device or aid in the car has certainly not been a big issue for drivers of electric cars, as they can display available charging stations on a map with their built-in navigation system. However, some built-in navigation devices do not offer the desired information with regard to the charging infrastructure. There is now a good reason for drivers of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids to ... Continue reading "Charging station apps for smartphones

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