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Switzerland Cars 2021 - © VRD -

Almost every third new car in Switzerland is a full or mild hybrid variant

Switzerland is not a member of the EU and is pursuing its own national path in promoting the electric car. While high state premiums in Norway and Germany in particular provide an incentive to buy, in Switzerland a division into national and cantonal support measures ensures regional peculiarities. We take a look at electric car subsidies and the most popular electric cars.

View from Pikes Peak - Copyright: samevig @

Preview of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) 2024

The legendary hill climb on Pikes Peak, a mountain in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in the US state of Colorado, will take place on Sunday, June 2022, 22. And the roaring loud roar of the tuned combustion engines, which lose around a third of their power on the way to their destination, which is on the summit at 4.301 meters above sea level, due to the thin mountain air, is increasingly put under pressure by powerful electric cars. In 2014, the Stromer took second and third place. In 2015, the electric car with the bulky vehicle designation “e0 PP03 Elektroauto” from the Latvian manufacturer “Drive e-0” won the open vehicle class for the first time.

Toyota RAV4 Adventure

Outdoor trips with the RAV 4 2,5 l Hybrid 4×4 Adventure

The fifth generation of the RAV4 was first presented at the New York International Auto Show in 2018. The RAV4 has been Toyota's distinctive SUV with very good sales figures worldwide since its market launch in 1994. In the hybrid model, Toyota combines traditional full hybrid technology with the newly introduced Toyota New Global Architecture Platform (TNGA) and an efficient all-wheel drive. The universal SUV offers many usage profiles and was probably the best-selling vehicle worldwide in 2022 for this reason.

Experience Sweden - picture okalinichenko @

Experience Sweden - Travel 2024

If you want to spend your vacation in Sweden, you can expect a completely different experience in advance than when you are in the tourist regions in the south or in Germany on the Baltic or North Sea right in front of your home door. Deceleration is clearly in the foreground here.

TOP-5 new registrations Italy - © Antonio GAUDENCIO -

Jeep Avenger popular in Italy for new BEV registrations in 2024

In Italy there is a strong auto industry, in addition to Fiat, the brands Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Maserati are at home. Accordingly, after the severe economic consequences of the pandemic, the budget law provides for high subsidies for the purchase of new vehicles in 2021. A total of 250 million euros are earmarked for incentives to buy vehicles with gasoline and diesel engines and 120 million euros for electric cars.

Volvo C40 Recharge Pure Electric

Volvo C40 Recharge Pure Electric Single Plus – the lightness of the coupe

In the 2024 model year, Volvo will focus on further developments in the area of ​​electromobility. In the current model year, Pure Electric models in all segments are even more efficient in consumption with new drive elements. In spring we will test the entry-level model with a 238 hp engine, a 69 kWh battery and, under optimal conditions, a range of up to 487 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle.

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