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Dacia Spring model year 2022

Autographed Dacia Spring 2022 model year

  • June 24, 202224 June 2022

The Dacia Spring is currently one of the cheapest electric cars on the German automotive market. Dacia remains true to its philosophy and offers simple and solid vehicles at a reasonable price. Simple solutions are not always good solutions and limits quickly become apparent in driving practice. A summer test shows the Spring's strengths and weaknesses relatively quickly.

History of the automobile - © Mayer -

The history of the electric motor as an automobile drive

  • June 24, 202224 June 2022

The history of the electric motor does not begin in the technologically advanced modern age: the first electric vehicle was presented to the public as early as 1881. Gustave Trouvé equipped his “Trouvé Tricycle” - a three-wheeled, electrically powered vehicle - with 2 electric motors, which obtained their energy from 6 lead-acid batteries. The vehicle reached a top speed of 12 km / h.

The new platforms for e-mobility Symbolbild - © unlimit3d -

The new platforms for e-mobility

  • June 24, 202224 June 2022

New drive concepts need completely new platforms for electric cars to optimize range and driving performance. In recent years, for example, numerous newly developed platforms from global vehicle manufacturers have appeared for the coming generations of electric vehicles, from pre-series production to production readiness. We take a look at the special requirements for emission-free bodies.

View of the battery of the body of an electric car. Copyright Patrick P. Palej @

A look into the future of battery technology for electric cars

  • June 23, 202223 June 2022

The battery is the Achilles' heel of electric cars because it supplies the motor with the necessary energy and determines how long the range is. Various battery technologies have established themselves on the market in recent years and technical development is progressing rapidly.

green car magazine summer issue released - Javier brosch -

green car magazine summer edition 2022

  • June 23, 202223 June 2022

2022 is an even greater challenge for the automotive industry than before. The new framework conditions are increasingly changing people's mobility. The major trends of digitization, automation and electrification of the last decade will accelerate again in the coming months. The cars that will come onto the market in the coming years must work even more efficiently and further reduce the impact on the climate. The car as an individual means of transport has experienced a new meaning in the last two years with the distance rules... Continue reading "green car magazine summer edition 2022

Suzuki Swift Sport 1.4 BOOSTERJET HYBRID model year 2022

Test Suzuki Swift Sport 1.4 BOOSTERJET HYBRID model year 2022

  • June 23, 202223 June 2022

The sixth generation Swift has been on sale in Europe since 2017. With the use of a new platform, on which the Suzuki Baleno is based in a modified form, the weight could be reduced to 1.095 kg for the sports version. The rear door handles of the exclusively five-door vehicle are now located next to the C-pillar, the front grille is more emphasized. Due to the stricter European emission values, the manufacturer is currently relying on the mild hybrid version with a 48-volt system for sports. The Swift we tested is powered by a four-cylinder engine with direct injection as a mild hybrid version. Are the sporting values ​​convincing?

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