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Mustang Mach-E - Copyright Ford

Mustang Mach e – innovative details

In the extended range version, the Mustang Mach e not only achieves an electric range of over 400 km in summer, but also has some interesting detailed solutions on board that have unique selling points. We took a closer look at the details and present them here again.

Goodbye door handle

Finally a manufacturer has completely removed the classic door handle, raised or retractable, and replaced it with a combination of a push button and a simple recess to open the doors. The highlight is the extension of the activation via remote control, smartphone or by entering a numerical code on the window frame. The tailgate is unlocked via the push button on the trunk, by remote control or sensors on the lower edge of the bumper.
(Image copyright Mustang)

The classic triad

Mustang Mach-E - Three-section rear light
Mustang Mach-E - Three-part rear light

A traditional detail from the traditional Mustang could not be missing and makes the Mustang shine up uniquely even in the dark. The three-part rear lights are the distinctive feature for die-hard Mustang fans of all generations. Now they look like lightning in the dark and the tripartition has also been included in the headlights.

Charge indicator and unlocking combined

Mustang Mach-E ...charge indicator and unlocking CCS
Mustang Mach-E …charge indicator and unlocking CCS

A nice feature is the combination of the charge indicator and the unlock button on the CCS connector. The state of charge can be checked at a glance in a clear arrangement of five charge indicators attached in a circle and, if required, the external decoupling from the charging station can also take place here using the centrally placed push button.

Rotary control in the touch display

While most manufacturers only start with a flat display surface, the Mustang has a raised knob for the volume control. A fine detail and also quick to grasp when needed due to its placement at the bottom of the screen. This combination of digital display and analogue control is implemented in a smart and practical way.

Volume controls in the Mustang Mach-E
Volume controls in the Mustang Mach-E

Automatic rotary switch

The selector switch for the automatic is placed centrally in the center console towards the driver. A quick and precise selection is combined with an indication in the display behind the steering wheel. In this way, the correct selection can be made quickly and precisely. This combination is particularly successful when parking and leaving a parking space.


Cover Photo - Mustang Mach-E - Copyright Ford

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