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Renault Megane E-Tech - Copyright Renault

Renault Megane E-Tech prices from April 2022

  • May 18, 202218May 2022, XNUMX

With the announcement of the new Renault Megane in 2020, Renault announced new standards in drive, charging and battery technology. This includes compact batteries and the CCS fast charging connection as standard. When looking at the price list, there are some interesting extras to consider.

Renault Zoe rear light - Copyright Renault

Renault removes the old basic models from the price list for the Zoe

  • May 9, 20229May 2022, XNUMX

In the last NCAP crash test from December 2021, the base model Zoe "Zen" did not get a single star in the overall rating. The shock at Renault must have been very deep, because the first test in 2013 was still a full 5 stars. However, the revised safety standards in the crash test now make the basic model look significantly worse. Renault reacted to this with the current revision of the price list.

Renault Zoe Logo - © Tobias Arhelger -

Renault - electric car offensive until 2025

  • May 2, 20222May 2022, XNUMX

After Volkswagen's major change in strategy, Renault is also accelerating its conversion to a manufacturer of electric cars. The focus has shifted to fundamental changes from development to production and recycling. Classics such as the Renault 5 and what is currently known as the “4ever” are also expected to experience a renaissance as electric models. According to its own information, the Renault Group will bring ten new fully electric models onto the market by 2025.

Kangoo Rapid E-TECH 100% Electric -Copyright Renault

Kangoo Rapid E-TECH with a larger battery from 2022

  • November 30, 202130 December 2021, XNUMX

Renault is launching an important technical update with the Kangoo Rapid E-TECH 100% Electric in spring 2022. The new edition is equipped with a larger 45 kWh lithium-ion battery and a 90 kW electric motor. A more efficient charging connection has been redesigned, the battery of the Kangoo Rapid E-TECH 100% can now also be charged with direct current of up to 75 kW. The production site is still the French site in Maubeuge.

Electric Renault Hippie Van celebrates its premiere - Copyright Renault

Electric Renault Hippie Van celebrates its premiere

  • August 20, 202120August 2021, XNUMX

Renault is putting a moving hotel on wheels for glamping fans. An electric camping van study is celebrating its premiere at the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon and comes up with a number of highlights. This includes, for example, an exclusive equipment up to the delivery drone, which is supposed to deliver online orders directly to the roof of the camper.

Renault Zoe Intense 2021

Renault Zoe Intens 2021 in winter test

  • June 4, 20214 June 2021

Renault offers in the current Zoe from the basic equipment the B-mode as an additional selectable driving mode. In addition to the conventional D-mode, drivers can also switch to the B-mode while driving. The driver accelerates, brakes and stops almost entirely with the accelerator pedal. Even on downhill gradients, the vehicle can be decelerated by releasing the accelerator pedal without using the brake pedal.

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