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Ford Mustang Mach-E AWD Extended Range – A Song for Cathy?

There is probably no more elaborately filmed car chase in the film business than that between a 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback and a Dodge Charter R/T than that from the classic film "Bullitt" starring Steve Mcqueen. Anyone who drives a Mustang knows the ten-minute sequence without dialogue. The legend of the rugged Ford Mustang muscle car with the almost inexhaustible power of a V8 engine was born. A good four decades later, the designers at Ford faced a similar challenge, but under completely different conditions. The task was to create a distinctive electric crossover that would represent the new demands of the zeitgeist - electric, zero emissions and breathtaking. What remains of the legendary charm of the Ford Mustang?

At first glance, some characteristics that have been typical for generations remain recognizable. A long, distinctively shaped bonnet with a characteristic transition into the A-pillar form a distinctive Mustang. The traditional coupe line has been retained in the crossover, as have the molded wheel housings. At the rear, the model-typical, three vertically arranged rear lights are the crowning glory. In addition, a number of modifications have been implemented towards an emission-free future, which upgrade the Mustang Mach e to a new zeitgeist icon. The closed radiator grille with the raised brand symbol and the aerodynamically redesigned rear speak for a clear, performance-oriented form.

With these unique selling points alone, the Mustang stands out pleasantly from all electric cars with an exuberantly modern design. It is a forward-looking design with formative adaptations from the brand's history. In the test car version, it has the potential to take a good place in the electric crossover squad as a sporty SUV with 258 kW/351 hp and 580 Newton meters of torque. If you want even more power, you can upgrade to the top version Mach E-GT. The Mustang, which is also equipped with all-wheel drive, once again delivers a significant performance boost with 358 kW/487 hp and a torque of 860 Newton meters.

Mustang Mach E Range Extender
Mustang Mach E Range Extender

performance and charm

Get in and feel like Steve McQueen? Definitely not, the interior is much more digital with a very compact central cockpit behind the sports steering wheel and a large-format and very good resolution information display in the center console. By clicking on the image of the Mustang at the top left, all individual settings can be configured before the first ride. In addition to the noise and ambience settings, the three selectable driving modes are probably the most common in everyday use. For a defensive driving style, the choice is "tame" with easy-to-operate steering, a pleasantly quiet interior and moderate acceleration. It is the best choice for driving in the city, especially in view of the stricter speed limits.

The "Active" selection can be described as a good compromise for cross-country trips. Significantly tighter steering wheel messages, good acceleration when overtaking and a noticeable perception of the performance potential. If you finally go on the motorway or on free practice routes, you are welcome to switch to "spirited". Clearly noticeable acceleration processes and a tightly tuned chassis then already offer the feeling for the sporty brand essence of the Ford Mustang.

Mustang Mach E taillights
Mustang Mach E taillights

If you are a friend of the adaptive cruise control, you can activate the mode directly via one-touch operation with your left thumb on the multifunction steering wheel. When switched on, the speed is automatically taken over and the preset distance to the vehicle in front is monitored and regulated. The current speed can then be compared with the maximum permissible speed on the display. The solution is simple and therefore driver-oriented.

Rest at the charging station

If you let the horses run, you need to stop at the charging station. With the large battery pack, consumption values ​​of less than 22 kWh can be achieved on warmer days when cruising casually. We mainly traveled short and medium-haul routes. When driving on the motorway, the consumption display easily ends up at over 30 kWh/100 km. Here, however, our test car also consistently limits itself to 180 km/h in accordance with the spirit of the times. Unfortunately, for many e-cars, the brochure information cannot be achieved in practice. With the Mach-E, the data in practice also deviate slightly upwards. The cool spring with temperatures between 0 and 10 degrees takes its toll. But we can still cover a good 350 kilometers in energy-saving mode.
If you now drive to the charging station with a remaining capacity of less than 20%, you can also examine the charging processes right away. Of the CCS-DC charger can realize up to 150KW charging power. As with all charging processes, this is only a maximum value that can only be achieved temporarily in the lower 2/3 range of the battery capacity. In our test on the ARAL 300kW superchargers, however, we achieved a maximum of 110 kW. Thus, charging from 15% to 80% charge could be achieved within 45 minutes.

All the little things

A few gimmicks set the Mustang E apart from the digital monotony. The traditional door handles have finally been replaced by a simple circular touchpad. And if you don't have the key to hand, you can open the doors with a 4-digit code on the window frame display. The integration of the smartphone through two generous charging surfaces and the integration of the two big players Apple and Android invites you to easily integrate the smartphone surfaces on the non-glare central display. It is probably only desirable to be able to adjust the display individually in terms of height and angle. The loading flap is placed at the front on the driver's side. The combination of the charge status display and the disconnect button to cancel the charging process directly on the vehicle is remarkably well done.

Mustang Mach E - State of charge and decoupling switch in one unit
Mustang Mach E - State of charge and decoupling switch in one unit

The new Mustang is not only technically interesting, but also visually a successful hit in the electric crossover scene. It looks appealing like a typical Mustang and now also brings the acceleration to the tarmac. He also makes the ancestor from "Bullitt" look old. He still won the most famous car chase in film history, and when the legendary soundtrack "A Song for Cathy" whispers through the sound system in the cockpit, past and future are combined in an exciting dialogue.


What remains of the ride on the electric Mustang Mach E as a summary? With the consistent development on its own platform, the basis for further generations of a sporty cross-over is formed. With the visual references to the traditional Mustang and the digital interior, he has mastered the balancing act between tradition and zeitgeist. With the reduction to the essential operating elements and many sensible digital additions, it appeals to a wider audience with a sensible smartphone integration than with the traditional Mustang. If you can get used to the firmer chassis and the charm of a sports coupe, you will find a mature electric car that can also be used over long distances. The consumption values ​​can be controlled according to your own taste from economical to sporty. The electric Mustang has what it takes to be a generalist in the electric cross-over scene on the asphalt.


Test from spring 2022

How do you like the Mustang Mach E?

N. Hawthorn
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