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Jaguar I-Pace EV400 model year 2022

Jaguar I-Pace EV400 travel test 2022

Hardly any other model currently stands for the consistent switch to electromobility at Jaguar like the I-PACE. By the year 2025, Jaguar will consistently switch to electromobility in all vehicles. Since the former Renault boss Thierry Bolloré took over the management at Jaguar, a positioning in the premium segment has also been consistently pursued. In our test, we focus on the current Jaguar I-Pace and test it as a touring sedan on our trip to Scandinavia.

The coupe finds its place with an impressive length of almost 4,70 m and is predestined for the long tours with a corresponding vehicle width of over two meters. Even with the vehicle weight of 2,2 tons, the Jaguar with the large 90 kWh battery pack is in the top league. Two permanent magnet electric motors with an impressive total output of 400 hp and a maximum torque of 696 Newton meters ensure propulsion. This makes it look sportier when you start than you might think at first.

The manufacturer pays attention to premium details not only on the outside, but also on the inside. As soon as you approach the vehicle, the massive door handles are extended and invite you to enter an interior peppered with technical details. The digital cockpit is divided into the configurable display behind the steering wheel and the typical central infotainment display with a high resolution. In addition to the classic navigation, radio and setting functions, smartphone content can be easily transferred via Bluetooth via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Jaguar I-Pace EV400 model year 2022
Jaguar I-Pace EV400 model year 2022 in Malmö before the Turning Torso

The storage spaces are important for travel tours, here the I-Pace with 656 liters of trunk volume already offers space for 4 to 5 suitcases. The smooth loading floor can be easily loaded and unloaded. This storage space can be expanded to 1453 liters by folding down the rear seat bench. Depending on your own requirements, you can transport enough luggage with it. There is also a storage compartment in the frunk under the bonnet that can be used directly for the bulky CCS charging cable. During our travel test to Sweden, we had enough space in the trunk for 5 bags, suitcases and crates of drinks.

Once you have pressed the start button, you can set all the presets via the menu to suit the driver. A whole armada of assistance systems can be set according to your own taste, from traction help to cruise control and lane departure warning. With a total of four selectable driving modes, driving dynamics and the degree of recuperation can be influenced. The scenarios can be set from defensive ECO mode to dynamic mode. There is a separate program for critical weather situations, selectable via the snow/rain mode for optimum grip on the road. We tested all modes extensively and experienced clear differences in energy consumption.

Off to Sweden

In the brochure, Jaguar specifies a range of up to 470 kilometers under optimal conditions. In our extensive test drives, this was not even displayed to us when the ECO mode was switched on after a 100% charge. The expected range at a warm 20 degrees outside temperature was 380 kilometers on the display, and even when driving continuously in energy-saving mode, a good 320 kilometers of achievable range are realistic. Only in city traffic is the I-Pace moderate in consumption and is content with 16 to 18 kWh per 100 km. If you still want to influence consumption, you can switch off the air conditioning.

Registration numbers Jaguar I-Pace in Europe

Jaguar I-Pace Registration numbers in Europe 
Source – Carsalesbase, Figures from the CAAM association

Anyone who relies on relaxed cruising in a high-quality ambience will appreciate this. But if you want to experience the full performance, treat yourself to the dynamic mode, which starts with a powerful sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds. Anyone who now experiences the dynamics when accelerating on the motorway and exhausts the permitted maximum speeds will experience the other face of the I-Pace. With the dynamic appearance, the consumption values ​​jump to over 30 kWh per 100 km. If you savor it permanently, you have to head for the next supercharger after a good 200 kilometers.

Disillusionment at the Supercharger

The Jaguar has everything you need for a first-class touring coupe, an appealing ambience and lots of technical details. But as soon as you head for the Supercharger and hope for a speedy charge, disappointment sets in. Because the promised charging power of up to 100 kW has to be reduced on site. With low remaining capacity, our I-Pace needed 1,5 hours to charge 80% in the test at a warm 18 degrees outside temperature. In comparison with the competition in Tesla's premium segment, this is currently only mid-range. In this price segment, you don't want to spend so long waiting times at the superchargers.

Jaguar I-Pace EV400 model year 2022
Jaguar I-Pace EV400 model year 2022

Wellness while driving

The I-Pace compensates for this with a harmonious selection in the interior. A few tactile elements such as the generous design of the driving levels in the form of touchpads, a steering wheel with an optional velvety Alcantara cover or the seats with heating and ventilation functions are the ingredients for the Grand Tour. The air suspension also gives excellent driving comfort on long distances through Europe. With its long wheelbase of 3 meters and the batteries integrated into the floor pan as well as an optimized weight distribution, the I-Pace is predestined for safe handling on the road. The decoupled drive, each with an electric motor on the front and rear axles, offers the all-wheel drive secure grip and noticeable tracking security even in wet conditions.

When it comes to smartphone integration, both Apple Carplay and Android Auto are included as standard. For even more convenience, Alexa voice control will be implemented for home applications in the next model year. This creates a natural language interaction with the Pivi Pro features through to compatible smart functions. According to Jaguar, for example, the heating and the light in the home can be remotely controlled and pre-programmed from the I-PACE.


The i-Pace is already one of the most comfortable e-cars in the premium class in Germany. The regular customers benefit from the coherent vehicle concept, a good travel range and an optional high degree of customization of the equipment. The shortening of the loading times is expandable, as is the case with the competition in the premium segment.


Test from 2022

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