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BMW Mini Electric Collection 2021 - Copyright BMW Mini

BMW Mini Facelift - Future Perspectives

It's hard to believe, but over 20 years ago, at the end of September 2000, the new Mini had its world premiere at the Paris Motor Show. The relaunch of the traditional British brand resulted in an image change towards a practical and urban character with a high lifestyle image. Driving pleasure as well as unmistakable exterior and interior have made it an icon of its own in the compact car segment within two decades. We take a look at the developments over the next few years.

Facelift in 2021

The year 2020 for the MINI will undoubtedly be marked by the sales launch of the three-door electric SE version. But the complete separation of the combustion engine and diesel is far from being ushered in. The Munich-based company tends to act according to the motto “Have a look what the customer wants” as with the core brand BMW.

BMW Mini Electric Collection 2021 - Copyright BMW Mini
BMW Mini Electric Collection 2021 - Copyright BMW Mini

The story for the MINI of the 21st century began with the starting shot for the development of the MINI in July 1994. The external traditional values ​​with the short overhangs, the round headlights and the hexagonal radiator grille with high identification values ​​were to flow into the new development. In the first place, safety standards and the comfort requirements for lifestyle in an urban environment have been further developed. The conversion to a premium brand in the compact car segment took place consistently and successfully.

Mini expands model range

Three generations of the MINI have already been produced in the last two decades and sales figures in the past four years before 2020 were a good 350.000 units worldwide. The introduction of the electric MINI SE marked the start of pure electric mobility. The second facelift for the third generation of the MINI is planned for the coming year 2021. It includes the three-door model including the electric model, five-door model and the convertible as a refresh until the next planned model change in 2024.

The new MINI design is more modern, fresher, clearer.

Oliver Heilmer, Head of MINI Design

Far-reaching changes can be expected with the fourth generation from 2023. The all-electric mini should be distinguishable from its combustion brothers and has its own design. And then it will probably be produced in China as part of a joint venture between BMW and the manufacturer Great Wall Motor under the name Sportlight Automotive Limited. The Mini Cooper SE and small cars from Great Wall are to be built on a common platform.

BMW Mini Electric Collection 2021 - Copyright BMW Mini
BMW Mini Electric Collection 2021 - Copyright BMW Mini

Relaunch of the current MINI generation in 2021

As a premium automobile in the small car segment, the MINI is getting a relaunch as an upgrade for the MINI 3-door, the MINI 5-door and the MINI Convertible. An emphasis on the accents in the exterior design puts the focus on the individuality of the car. There are also many additions to the optional equipment, new exterior paintwork, light alloy wheels, interior and seat surfaces. We'll be taking a look at the relaunch of the Mini brand.

E-mobility trends 2021


The front view emphasizes the characteristic radiator grille. The position lights have been replaced by vertical air inlets. The bumper strips are in the color of the car. "The new MINI design is more modern, fresher, clearer," says Oliver Heilmer, Head of MINI Design. “All innovations follow a common mission: Purify MINI! Less complexity, more individuality. "


The version of the Color Line, which was previously available as an individual option, has been relaunched to match the color of the seat upholstery. The chrome elements, on the other hand, have been greatly reduced. The two outer, round air outlets are now framed by black panels. The inner vents have been completely redesigned and embedded flush into the interior surface. The interior surface, which is optionally available in the new versions Silver Checkered and MINI Yours Aluminum as well as Electric for the MINI Cooper SE, now extends across the entire width of the instrument panel and into the area of ​​the driver's workplace.

The look of the brand's typical central instrument has also been revised. An 8,8-inch color display with touch function, touch-sensitive favorite buttons and surfaces in piano black high-gloss are now part of the standard equipment. In addition, the audio control unit and the function keys for hazard warning lights and driver assistance systems are integrated even more harmoniously into the circular control unit.

Mini Cooper SE

The technical equipment is retained in the Mini Cooper SE. With its 135 kW / 184 PS electric motor, the MINI Cooper SE ensures locally emission-free driving fun. The power is transmitted via a single-stage automatic transmission. The lithium-ion high-voltage battery, which is located deep in the vehicle floor and has a gross energy content of 32,6 kWh, enables a range of 203 to 234 kilometers determined in the WLTP test cycle.

MINI Cooper SE - Technical Data

135 kW / 184 PS, 0 - 100 km / h in 7,3 seconds,
Top speed: 150 km / h,
Consumption: 17,6 - 15,2 kWh / 100 km (WLTP), 16,1 - 14,9 kWh / 100 km (NEDC),
CO2 emissions: 0 g / km, range: 203 - 234 km (WLTP).

BMW Mini Electric Collection 2021 - Copyright BMW Mini
BMW Mini Electric Collection 2021 - Copyright BMW Mini

MINI Electric Collection from March 2021

According to the press release, there is an edition vehicle at the start of the new edition of the all-electric MINI with a modified exterior including a multitone roof, specific design features, a stylishly refined interior and high-quality equipment. New driver assistance systems, convenience and connected packages are optionally available. Market launch from March 2021.

The new generation of Clubman is also planned. In the mind games, a small SUV of the Mini is also relevant, as is a city crossover model. More details on the further development of the fourth generation of the Mini will be available this year.


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