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Volkswagen ID.4 - Copyright Volkswagen

Volkswagen ID.4 - driving fun through chassis technology

In 2017, Volkswagen presented the ID.Crozz SUV as a concept vehicle. According to the brand management board Ulbrich, the ID.4 is to become a global SUV project: "A real world car that we will produce and sell not only in Europe, but also in China and the USA." ID.4 as balance sheet CO2-neutral vehicle should come onto the market.

In order for the full-bodied promises to be turned into reality, Volkswagen relies on sporty handling with the ID.4 thanks to a deep focus. The optimal weight distribution on the front and rear axles in a ratio of 50:50 is actually already standard in many new vehicles from the electric car sector. With the optimized installation of the drive battery in the floor between axles, both the center of gravity and the load distribution are easier to configure.

Volkswagen ID.4 - Copyright Volkswagen
Volkswagen ID.4 - Copyright Volkswagen

High quality chassis control

The ID.4 relies on the tried and tested McPherson design for the chassis; the steering is geared to a ratio of 15,9: 1. The steering gear is installed in front of the wheel center and offers slight advantages when cornering quickly. At the rear there is a five-link suspension, partly made of aluminum, with a subframe that is flexibly connected to the body.

When choosing the wheels, there are large-format wheels to choose from. It starts with 18 inches up to light alloy wheels with a diameter of 20 or 21 inches. With the larger wheel diameter, there is also greater smoothness in everyday use. The turning circle is still relatively modest at 10,2 meters. The tires have little rolling resistance and are configured differently depending on the equipment variant. The front disc brakes are generously dimensioned at 358 millimeters, and drum brakes work on the rear axle. In everyday operation, the brakes of the electric cars are only used during heavy braking maneuvers; the braking processes are primarily used by the electric motor to recover energy.

The top model ID4 Max with the “Plus” sports package has progressive steering with ratios from 15,9: 1 to 14,5: 1 and adaptive chassis control DCC. The damping characteristics on each wheel are separate. The adaptive chassis control, which is already standard in sports cars and larger SUVs, achieves a very high level of driving comfort up to a sporty, tight road connection via adjustable damping (ECO, Comfort and Sport), depending on requirements.

Volkswagen ID.4 - Copyright Volkswagen
Volkswagen ID.4 - Copyright Volkswagen

The driving dynamics manager introduced in the Golf 8 is also used. This controls the wheel-selective braking interventions of the XDS electronic drive differential lock and the work of the DCC damper control. A digital target model serves as a comparison in order to generate a stable behavior in every situation. We were already able to convince ourselves of the quality during the tests in the Golf 8. In particular, braking from high speeds, in cornering situations and on loose surfaces, is perfectly balanced and increases driving safety. The braking interventions are also controlled effectively and precisely.

ID.4 starts with the full range of programs

Rear-wheel drive vehicles generally tend to oversteer. In the ID.4, the electronic stability control works together with the control units for the electric motor and power electronics. This is intended to ensure stable contact between the rear wheels and the road at all times during high acceleration, when cornering quickly and when decelerating using brake recuperation.

According to VW, it will start with eight models. The ID.4, the first fully electric SUV from Volkswagen and the brand's first e-world car, will be launched on the market with eight preconfigured models after the 1ST Edition. The high-voltage battery is available with an energy content of 52 or 77 kWh (net) and has a range of up to 520 kilometers (WLTP). The electric motor is available in three output levels between 109 kW (148 PS) and 150 kW (204 PS).


Just in time for Tesla to start production in Germany, Volkswagen is staking out a claim in the electric SUV market. Investments totaling 2024 billion are to be pumped into the electromobility segment by 11. The ID.4 as the second model series after the ID.3 will already strengthen the turnaround at Volkswagen in the coming months.


Cover picture - Volkswagen ID.4 - Copyright Volkswagen.

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